Jim Caviezel Says Mainstream Media Spreads Fake News To Protect VIP Pedophiles

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Sound of Freedom star Jim Caviezel has slammed the mainstream news media for spreading fake news and lying to the people about the child trafficking and pedophilia epidemic in order to protect the globalist elite who are running the world.

In an interview to promote Sound of Freedom, Jim Caviezel said that people around the world are waking up to the fact the mainstream media are working to protect the global elite.

“Hunter Biden laptop — two years, you told us it’s not true. Ok, I believe you. You’re the media. You know. But then it’s true,” Caviezel said. “Then for seven years, we learn that Donald Trump is a Russian spy,” he added. “Then the Durham Report drops and he’s not a Russian spy.”

“That’s 80 percent in the last seven years that you’ve told us is all false. So the public is going, no — you don’t have the power you used to.” Watch:

Sound of Freedom was the highest grossing movie on its opening day July 4, surpassing Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny while playing on far fewer screens.

Breitbart report Sound of Freedom grossed $14.2 million on 2,634 screens on July 4, for a strong per-screen average of $5,407, according to data from BoxOfficeMojo.com.

Meanwhile, Indy 5 mustered $11.7 million on 4,600 screens for that day, notching a per-screen average of $2,543.

Based on the life and career Tim Ballard, Sound of Freedom stars Jim Caviezel as a Homeland Security agent who quits his job in order to bring child traffickers to justice.

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