Marijuana Cooking Italian Grandmother Becomes YouTube Sensation Overnight

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With marijuana laws becoming less and less restrictive in the US and other countries around the world, there has been a renaissance of sorts of cookbooks, online cooking shows and the such to help people make their marijuana taste good in recipes.

Enter Nonna Marijuana, the Italian Julia Child of weed cooking – DListed did a great profile  [1] on this overnight YouTube sensation, who, ironically, has been hosting this online show for years! Dlisted writer Michael K says:

Nonna Marijuana has been on the Internet for years and I’m mad that I barely discovered her brilliance yesterday, because if I would have known about her sooner I would have gladly hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my place. Good shit gnocchi is the perfect dish to help you deal with your family. VICE’s weed channel Munchies introduced me to stoner national treasure Nonna Marijuana (government name: Aurora Leveroni) who has been called the world’s most-accomplished marijuana chef. To answer the question in your head, I’ll let you know if Nonna Marijuana ever announces that she’s looking to adopt extra grandchildren.

For over 75 years, Nonna Marijuana has been cooking Italian deliciousness and five years ago, she marijuana-ized her recipes when her daughter Valerie, who is a medical marijuana activist here in CA, started suffering from seizures following a car accident. Nonna Marijuana now uses her culinary expertise to help people who are sick and need some healing. Using good shit buds grown by her daughter, Nonna Marijuana makes the perfect weed butter and adds that to her recipes. Nonna Marijuana isn’t into riding the green cloud herself, so she relies on others to nibble on her good shit creations to make sure the taste is just right. To answer the question in your head, I’ll let you know if Nonna Marijuana ever accepts applications for volunteer taste testers. Or maybe I won’t, because I don’t need the competition.

Nonna Marijuana isn’t only a master at the ganja culinary arts, she’s also a lightning bolt of wit. In an episodes of Munchies’ Bong Appetit series, Nonna Marijuana lets everyone know that she’s NOT THE ONE when it comes to screwing with her weed.

“No sticks, no stones will break my bones. But don’t fool around with my marijuana. I can assure you that if you do, sticks and stones will break your bones.”

That’s very close to what my abuelita used to say, which is: “Sticks and chanceltas will break your bones if you fool around with me.”

Nonna Marijuana turns 92 (NINETY TWO!) on December 25, so from now on, we should also celebrate her birth on Christmas Day by making her signature dish: Chicken Pot-cciatore!

Viva Nonna Marijuana! If HGTV knows what’s right for them and America, they’d cancel all of their current shows (except for Drunk Ass Sandra Lee’s show) and give all of their airtime to Nonna Marijuana and Auntie Fee. Those three are the only culinary experts we need.




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