Syrian Ceasefire Deal Buys Washington Time For The Next Move

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Is the US buying time with the current peace deal to plan the next move in Syria?

Syrian Ceasefire Deal Buys Washington Time For The Next Move

Is the Syrian ceasefire deal nothing more than a cynical ploy on the part of Washington’s ‘coalition’ to buy time for the terrorists?

The United States and Russia announced a planned cessation of hostilities in Syria that will come into effect at midnight on 27 February.

The US has already started making alternative plans should the truce fail.

The Secretary of State John Kerry told a Senate committee that “There is a significant discussion taking place now about a Plan B in the event that we do not succeed at the [negotiating] table”

He stressed that the partitioning of Syria could be part of the Plan B. And that is the plan after all, isn’t it?

21st Century Wire says:

This latest diplomatic development certainly appears positive on its surface, this week’s declared ‘Syrian Ceasefire’ – a three-way agreement between Washington, Russia and the Syrian government (and begrudgingly by the West’s other regional ‘stakeholders’) looks increasingly like it may just be the latest attempt to buy time – so that Washington, Turkey and Saudi Arabia can re-arm and replenish various militant fighting groups currently laying waste to Syria.

Since the entrance of the Russian Air Force into the Syrian conflict theatre last October, the Washington-led Axis has gradually lost proxy-control of a number of key terrorist strongholds in Northern Syria, namely in Aleppo, and thus are unable to dictate crucial ‘facts on the ground’ required to dictate the international media and political narratives. Unable to craft and package these narratives, the West and its dubious ‘coalition’ are completely unable to sell an escalation of military violence in Syria.

The fact that the Washington Axis has already threatened to move to a ‘Plan B‘ – even before the agreement has been implemented, indicates that this diplomatic effort may in fact be ‘dead on arrival’. Before the ink was even dry on the agreement, sources inside the CIA and the Pentagon went public with a preemptive statement claiming that, ‘Russia cannot be trusted to uphold the ceasefire’.

The scene is now set.

21WIRE founder and editor Patrick Henningsen speaks to Sean Thomas from RT International about why the ceasefire deal may not survive the spring…

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