ICE Cancel Raid to Arrest Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Amid Biden Policies

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ICE cancel raid to arrest multiple illegal alien sex offenders

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers have been forced to cancel a multi-state raid to arrest dangerous illegal alien sex offenders.

Operation Talon, a massive raid that involved thousands of hours of preparation by ICE agents to catch illegal sex offenders, was abruptly halted at the last minute.

According to a source familiar with the operation, ICE agents canceled the raid the just 24 hours before the operation was due to take place.

According to the Washington Post, senior ICE officials claimed the Biden administration “had nothing to do with that decision.”

But the decision to halt the raid coincidentally coincides with Biden’s promise to halt deportations of all illegal aliens. reports: Already, the Biden policies are resulting in the restarting of the Catch and Release program — where border crossers are apprehended and then freed into the U.S. interior — without having to be tested for the coronavirus. Unofficial totals reveal that Catch and Release has skyrocketed with at least 1,000 border crossers released this month thus far.

ICE officials did not respond to a request for comment in time for this publication.