Kirstie Alley: Hollywood Is a Vipers Nest of Elite Pedophiles

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Kirstie Alley says Hollywood is a vipers nest of pedophiles

Actress Kirstie Alley has warned that Hollywood is a vipers nest of elite pedophiles abusing children and grooming audiences into normalizing their sick practises.

“Was watching TV …we’ve gone too far in my opinion. I feel sorry for our children. Their exposure to everything perverse on every kind of screen is mind boggling. And even more tragic, it’s being hyped as ‘normal,’” Alley tweeted on Friday.

“No other generation has had such easy access to the underbelly of humanity. SO many screens & chronic bombardment of images and concepts. Our current society would have been praising Caligula. Protect your children,” she told her 1.5 million followers, saying she had a “heavy heart” over what she described as the “shit that’s being crammed down our kid’s throats.”

“A ‘moral code’ is not old fashioned. Morals are simply guidelines for better survival. Explicit sexual ‘education’ and ‘select’ ideals being forced on kids is NOT better survival,” the Trump-supporting actress added.

“People are becoming so ‘open minded’ that down the road they will support pediphilia [sic] as people ‘just loving children’ You think I’m kidding. I’m not. It’s the direction this insanity is headed. You can ‘ok boomer’ me all you want but this is where we will veer unless we change.” reports: The Look Who’s Talking Now star faced some backlash on Twitter and publicly responded to some of her critics.

“My generation had zero public sex talk and zero sex education. In ‘health’ class we did learn about ‘periods’.. sort of. But I can honestly say sex came fairly naturally when the occasion arose,” she continued, later adding, “I love the way the twisty twists twist my fears about CHILDREN’s futures into I’m against ADULTS having their choice of partners. Funny how all roads lead to that. I could care less who adults love or sleep with. My topic today was children being exposed to dark things.”

Alley’s warning comes as major TV networks ramp up their display of what the left has dubbed “social justice” issues but what ends up — in many cases — being drag queens and the outright promotion of the LGBTQ agenda.

Last year, Cartoon Network, available to some 85 million U.S. households, promoted radical gender ideology in a social media post, telling children there are “many genders beyond ‘girl’ or ‘boy.’”

Nickelodeon has followed suit and even had Blue’s Clues teaming up with drag queen Nina West in a video celebrating pride month, featuring “cartoon version of the drag queen singing about all types of family arrangements, including transgender, gay, and supposed ‘non-binary’ parents and children,” as Breitbart News detailed.

Watch below: 

That has not been the only recent case, either.

Watch below: 

Over the past few years, Nickelodeon (owned by ViacomCBS) has repeatedly attempted to propagandize and sexualize its mostly prepubescent audience by sneaking adult sexuality into content aimed directly at children.

Homosexuality in Blues Clues & You. Transsexuals and bisexuals in popular shows such as SpongeBob SquarePantsThe Adventures of Korra, and Henry Danger. And more and more and more and more, not to mention its embrace of adult politics.

Alley is no stranger to triggering her critics, openly mocking the updated guidelines prioritizing diversity standards issued by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences last year.

“This is a disgrace to artists everywhere…can you imagine telling Picasso what had to be in his fucking paintings,” Alley wrote at the time. “You people have lost your minds. Control artists, control individual thought .. OSCAR ORWELL”

Alley announced her full support of former President Trump in October last year after supporting him in 2016 and later went on to criticize the corporate media for fearmongering with its Chinese coronavirus coverage.

“They are broadcasting terror because it’s a deflection,” she told Tucker Carlson at the time. “When the thing came out with Biden, and is he in cahoots with China? Is he in cahoots with Ukraine? OK, let’s find out, I would say.”


  1. Hollywood has been trying to pervert everything from the very start, and the things the children in Hollywood were exposed to are inexcusable.

  2. Hollywood is a vipers nest. But it is hard for me to take her seriously. Anyone who is stupid enough to be a Scientologist is not to be trusted.

    • Yes ,and the real Church if Scientology still exists but msm all lie and put forward that the Church she is in the Church of Technical Science Legally ,is scientology Its not She and all if them are in COTS .It happened when the IRS and the CIA stile the church from Hubbards widow and family ,gave her a pittance if his milli8nd , and he had written over 80 best selling science fiction novels even before he started Scientology ,he was wealthy as because books were big business then .They told her she could have some crumbs and shut up or go to jail That’s how ” scientology ” as we know it came to be And byw they spent millions building a totally secret secure underground bunker, nuclear bomb proof totally safe for storing books like a library intended to preserve Ron’s original writings for thousands of years ,and then got paranoid that some people had located it ,and so moved the whole entire thing to a new location It all cost hundreds if millions And why ?Why did they go to all that trouble to basically murder Ron steal his patented writings, throw his heirs onto the bin and then trash his memory when they really meet it all for themselves ?

      • Keep it all for themselves And look how rich it is They put Miscqvige in charge and even his own dad wont have anything to do with him and left the church because of him .And we dont know what hapoeb2d to his wife Still years now since she was being ” reprogrammed “

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