Judge Sets Convicted Pedophile Free So He Can Have ‘Children Of His Own’

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A convicted pedophile has been spared jail by a judge so he can "start a family and have children of his own."

A convicted pedophile, found guilty by a trial jury of multiple child sex crimes, has been spared jail by a judge so he can “start a family and have children of his own.”

41-year-old Richard Arrowsmith was facing an expected five years in prison after he was arrested with 137,000 “extremely explicit” child porn images and video featuring children being sexually abused, along with other “pedophilia paraphernalia.”

But Arrowsmith, of Derbyshire, England, was allowed to leave the court as a free man, after receiving an extremely lenient sentence after telling the judge he was desperate to have children of his own.

Derbyshire police believe Arrowsmith is part of a larger child pornography and trafficking network that trade illegal images on the dark web, but Arrowsmith refused to give up the identities of his associates, claiming “I’d rather go to prison.”

However the man caught with hundreds of thousands of child porn images and videos, and who was involved in an underground trafficking network, was allowed to walk free.

Police seized laptops and hard drives that contained thousands of “extremely indecent” images and videos featuring sexually abuse of children.

Despite being found guilty of the crimes, and refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, the judge issued Arrowsmith a with a 10-month suspended sentence, making him a free man.

Rebel Circus reports that the judge admitted he took leniency because Arrowsmith wants to have children of his own.

Richard Arrowsmith was arrested and charged after police confiscated over 4,300 child pornography videos and 137,000 photographs.

Arrowsmith was discovered when authorities identified his IP address downloading child pornography from a known pedophile site.

They used his Sky account to identify and locate him in order to bring forth the charges.

According to an article in the Telegraph, “Officers executed a warrant at his home and seized a computer, external hard drive, laptop, mobile phone and USB sticks.”

All of which contained extremely explicit images and videos of children being sexually abused.

The videos and photos were all sorted and placed in existing police categories that rated them in terms of extremity.

“The court heard police found 400 videos in Category A, which is the worst, with another 255 films in Category B and 186 films and 851 images in Category C,” according to the Telegraph.

The remaining images and videos were not categorized according to reports.

Richard Arrowsmith outside court in Derbyshire, England.

The Telegraph reported court officials as saying, “You are 41-years-old, with no previous convictions and you pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

Following the explanation, the controversial jail-free sentence was read.

There are three charges against you in relation to the possession of indecent images of children. I am taking into consideration your previous good character, you have a wife who supports you, a steady employment and your hopes to start a family in the near future,” the judge is quoted as saying.

Banned From Children – Except His Own

As part of his sentence, the judge ordered Arrowsmith to stay away from all children or work involving a close proximity to children.

Yet it was also noted in the court hearing that he was receiving a lenient sentence so he could start a family of his own.

It was reported Arrowsmith was able to gain sympathy from the judge by appearing with his wife in court and pleading for their desires to start a family of their own.

Did Richard Arrowsmith receive justice, or was the judge wrong to grant a man with his record the freedom to start his own family?

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