4.0 California Earthquake May Wake Up Dormant Volcano

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A 4.0 magnitude earthquake occurred at Pisgah Crater, California on Monday – sparking fears that the dormant volcano may awaken due to the activity yesterday. 

Dutchsinse.com reports:

A 4.0 magnitude earthquake at a dormant volcano is certainly something worth noting — especially in light of the OTHER dormant volcanic activity yesterday which occurred in California, and Nevada.

THUNDERSTORMS. After the media blamed thunderstorms for the obvious plume coming from the volcano — the Marine base Senior Public relations officer (commander?) from 29 palms military base literally contacted me and told me they were explosions on the marine base — asked me to take my videos down!!!!!!!


Yesterday, March 29 2015, a series of smaller earthquake struck TWO dormant volcanoes in California, and Nevada.

Mammoth Mountain volcano experienced a 2.9M earthquake, and Twin Buttes (volcanic buttes) in Nevada also experienced a 2.9M earthquake.

Followed today by a 4.0 Magnitude at Pisgah craters means things are really on the move – seismically speaking.