Epstein and Gates Targeted ‘Vulnerable Children’ For ‘Disturbing’ Medical Experiments, New Court Docs Reveal

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Jeffrey Epstein targeted vulnerable children for medical experiments and data harvesting, with the involvement of powerful individuals and organizations, raising concerns that we have yet to learn the full extent of his crimes against children.

According to newly released Epstein court documents, the pedophile billionaire’s companies targeted young children in the Virgin Islands and Africa for “disturbing” medical experiments.

Epstein’s medical research companies were engaged in “transhumanist” research and were funded and supported by key allies including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, according to the documents.

Epstein and his associates including Gates funded initiatives targeting “mentally ill and underprivileged children” for programming and AI training, similar to how he recruited underage girls for sexual exploitation, raising disturbing questions about his motives. Watch:

Eightify provide a Q&A regarding the new Epstein revelations:

  • What kind of experiments did Jeffrey Epstein target children for?

    Jeffrey Epstein targeted children for medical experiments, genetic sequencing, and AI training, particularly those who were mentally ill, underprivileged, and poor.

    Who was involved in Epstein’s targeting of children for experiments?

    Powerful individuals and organizations, including big banks, billionaires, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, enabled Epstein to target children for medical experiments.

    What was the involvement of Google in Epstein’s activities?

    Google co-founders are being subpoenaed in connection with investigations into Epstein, with concerns about access to data mining information and potential ties to intelligence and criminal activity.

    What is the connection between Epstein and the digital ID initiative?

    Epstein funded a transhumanist lab in Ethiopia and was involved in funding experiments in Africa, including offering digital IDs to Ethiopian school children for data harvesting.

    What are the concerns about Epstein’s ties to philanthropic activities?

    Epstein was involved in guiding philanthropic activities, including those of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, raising concerns about building a digital prison and targeting vulnerable children for medical experiments.

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