Parents Who Oppose a Child’s Gender Transition Facing 7 Years in Prison

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Parents who refuse to allow their children to transition to another gender could face up to seven years in prison under a new law in Scotland.

“Proposals published on Tuesday state that actions designed to “change or suppress” another individual’s gender identity, causing them physical or psychological harm, would become illegal under the radical law,” reports the Telegraph.

The law will ban so-called “conversion practices” which often take place between parents and young children in a “family setting,” according to the government.

It would mean that if parents try to stop their child “dressing in a way that reflects their sexual orientation or gender identity,” they could face criminal punishment even if the child is very young and the parents believe they are acting in the child’s best interests.

Modernity report: Actions deemed to be “coercive” or “controlling” in attempting to stop the child wanting to go trans would be illegal even if performed with “a desire to help or protect the person.”

“The Scottish Equalities Minister behind the proposals, Emma Roddick (pictured) is a 26 year-old woman who identifies as bisexual,” writes Will Jones.

“That’s right, she was still at school in 2015. Exactly the person you’d want imposing her wacky Gen Z views on millions of people.”

People in Scotland who question radical transgender activism are routinely targeted by the authorities.

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A 50-year-old mother was charged with a “transphobic hate crime” and faces up to two years in prison after she retweeted an image of a suffragette ribbon.

Men who commit vile sexual attacks on women and children and then identify as women to avoid male prisons are also protected by the state.

Last year, former Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon said transgender criminals convicted for raping women are women, despite them being biological men.

In the same month, the Scottish government refused to remove a transgender rapist from a female prison despite his conviction for raping two women when he was a biological male.

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