CNN’s Cooper: Trump Supporters HATE the Police

Fact checked
CNN's Anderson Cooper declares Trump supporters hate the police

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has slammed Trump supporters as hypocrites who do not respect police.

During Tuesday’s impeachment hearing, Cooper commented that claims by Trump supporters that they are lovers of law and order rang hollow.

Cooper declared:

“Any watching of the video that was played just today in the Senate Chambers, after watching that, the president’s supporters who were attacking the Capitol, the former president of the United States cannot claim to be a law-and-order president when you have the crowds chanting “kill the blue.” We saw them hurling insults and fists and objects and the American flag and hockey stick at officers. As you said, gouging out an eye, an officer lost three fingers, and one officer was killed. Two others have died by suicide. Any claim by them that they are lovers of law and order, it rings hollow, certainly after seeing that.”



  1. Mr. Pooper – NO. Conservatives have ZERO ISSUES with Law & Order – YOU Dumbass Liberals have problems with LAW & ORDER. Let me remind you of your Pedophile Swimming Pool your Podesta Brothers have little boy paintings in their houses.

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