FBI: DNC Whistleblower Seth Rich ‘Too Intoxicated to Talk’ With Police Before Murder

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FBI documents reveal DNC whistleblower Seth Rich was 'too drunk' to speak to police before his murder

Newly declassified FBI documents reveal that DNC whistelblower Seth Rich was “very drunk” when he was murdered and was unable to reveal to police who his killer was.

Rich was murdered in Washington, D.C. in 2016. His death sparked rumors that he was killed in connection with Democratic Party leaks given to Wikileaks.

The new FBI investigatory documents state that Rich was heavily intoxicated at the time of his murder.

Justthenews.com reports: That detail is revealed in a heavily redacted interview FBI agents had with an assistant U.S. attorney whose identity is concealed in the report. The U.S. attorney apparently divulged to federal agents that, following Rich’s being shot, “the police attempted to interview Rich on the way to the hospital but were not able to obtain a statement, because Rich was very drunk.”

The shooting took place early in the morning at about 4:20 a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of D.C.

The interview with the U.S. attorney also suggests a potential break in evidence custody: A heavily redacted portion claims that one individual after the killing “took Rich’s personal laptop to his house,” after which it was unclear if anything had been “deleted or changed” on the computer. 

Elsewhere the document makes a passing reference to what appears to be a potential murder-for-hire motive though it is unclear who it involved. “Given [redacted] it is conceivable that an individual or group would want to pay for his death,” one page of the documents declared.

Rich’s family has slammed the conspiracy theories surrounding his death, calling those who have spread them “disgusting sociopaths.” Fox News in October of last year reached a seven-figure settlement with Rich’s family pursuant to a lawsuit the family brought against the network for its coverage of the murder. 


  1. All msm cover ups and lies, manipulations distortions and omissions to deceive the world about who the criminals REALLY are. They hate the truth

  2. A DNC hit in a DNC controlled town where all the agencies have been staffed by Democrat party faithful.

    This poor guy Seth Richs’ murder will never be solved until the above paradigm is changed.

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