America’s First 15 Minute City Created In Tempe, Arizona

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Culdesac Tempe

A Tempe, Arizona, neighborhood called Culdesac is the first community in the nation to be designed around car-free living.

Culdesac is being described as America’s first example of a“15-minute city” – a vision promoted by globalist elite – and the concept is being pitched as a more ‘environmentally friendly’ place where residents can get to know their neighbors better.

Infowars reports: A 12 News report promoted the community as helping with sustainability and talked with a Culdesac employee who bragged about the alternate transportation provided in the neighborhood.

Gas vehicles are literally prohibited from the area, as the employee told 12 News residents can own one as long as it’s not parked on site.

“Can you imagine living on top of your grocery store?” the employee asked the news outlet.

What’s the appeal of living on top of a grocery store?

Of course, the development will be used to push similar Agenda 2030 nightmare neighborhoods across America.

A more recent report by NBC News promoted the car-free community to a national audience, talking with Culdesac co-founder Ryan Johnson, who claimed, “Every generation and including 90% of Gen Z would like to pay more to live in a walkable neighborhood.”

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