WHO Urges Gay Men To Take MonkeyPox Vaccine and Then Have Unprotected Sex

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WHO urges gay men to take monkeypox vaccine and then be promiscuous

The World Health Organization has instructed gay men to take the monkeypox vaccine so that they can attend gay pride festivals and have anonymous, unprotected sex.

In a news update Monday, the W.H.O. declared that vaccines should be taken as they’re worried the gay festivals held in spring and summer could re-ignite a monkeypox outbreak worldwide.

“WHO is concerned that if those at most risk in this particular outbreak – men who have sex with men (MSM) with multiple sexual partners – do not continue to be alert and protect themselves, case numbers could increase as a result of sexual contact at events attended by large regional and international MSM audiences,” the globalist organization wrote.

“WHO is calling on those who could be at higher risk to continue to be aware of the symptoms of mpox, get tested and abstain from sex if they develop symptoms, and get the mpox vaccine if possible.”

Infowars.com reports: Researchers last year determined monkeypox was a sexually-transmitted disease spread through human-to-human contact via seminal fluids and anal sex.

WHO notes as the gay pride festival season kicks off, the risk of transmission increases.

“This is particularly important as we go into the spring and summer months, when a number of kink and fetish events, as well as numerous Pride festivals, are set to take place across towns and cities throughout Europe.”

WHO is partnering with UK non-profit Love Tank for a “Ready for it” awareness campaign that reminds festival-goers with a “Tix. Keys. Phone. Vax” slogan to get a monkeypox vax if they’ll be engaging in gay sex.

“We’re finding that this message is motivating people to be proactive about getting their vaccines, as well as protecting their sexual health more generally,” said Love Tank vaccine coordinator Qaisar Siddiqui.

It’s intriguing the World Health Organization recommends pharmaceutical medication rather than advising people avoid the festivals or abstain from gay sex altogether.

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