Sectarian Repercussions in Glasgow following Independence Vote

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Violent clashes between opposing voters broke out across the city of Glasgow following the aftermath of the Scottish Independence vote.

The city of Glasgow became divided between Loyalists and pro-independence supporters during the run-up to the vote. Celebrations by the Loyalists, those loyal to the British union and largely of a protestant background, sparked clashes with pro-independence voters.

The city has historically been divided between those of a Catholic background and those of a Protestant background, as seen in support of the city’s football teams, with Catholics tending to support Glasgow Celtic, whilst Glasgow Rangers are largely followed by protestant fans. This divide has regularly led to many clashes, with the independence vote adding new tension between the groups.

Reports of sectarian chanting, Nazi salutes and racial abuse were reported coming from Loyalist groups. Tensions remain high within the city, with a strong police presence expected all over the city through the weekend.

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