Chinese Study Finds Link Between Vaccinations And Autism

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Chinese study finds link between vaccines and autism

A Chinese study has identified a link between vaccinations and suppressed brain development in children, claiming that vaccines increase the chances of a child developing autism.

The study, by Li et al. out of Sun Yat-Sen University, is the first to test the effects of immune activation by vaccination on brain development in rats. According to the results, vaccines containing an aluminium adjuvant caused a spike in cytokine levels in the hippocampus region of the brain – an area of the brain known to play a major role in autism. reports:

Li et al. were the first to test the effects of immune activation by vaccination on brain development. All other studies of immune activation before this had used pathological conditions to mimic infection and induce fever, and therefore concerns about the transferability of the data had been in question until this study came out.

The study looked at the effects of bacillus calmette-guerin (BCG) vaccine (for tuberculosis) and hepatitis B vaccine on brain development in infant rats.

J.B. Handley sums up the results:

“There were three different groups of rats:

  1. Rats receiving the BCG vaccine (not given in the U.S.)
  2. Rats receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine (given on day 1 of life in the U.S.)
  3. A control group with no vaccine.

The BCG vaccine does NOT contain aluminum adjuvant and the impact on the rat’s brains from BCG was actually positive!

The Hep B vaccine rats, however, showed the kind of immune activation event we are seeing in autism (high IL-6). This is biological proof of the link between a vaccine — given to a post-natal animal — inducing an immune activation event, including the cytokine marker for autism, IL-6. A scientific first.”

Vaccine Papers further detailed the implications of this study:

An important finding in the Li et al study is that some of the effects of hep B vaccine did not appear until age 8 weeks. This finding undermines claims of vaccine safety, which are almost always based on short-term outcomes of a few days or weeks. 8 weeks is a long time in rat development. 8 week old rats are almost fully mature adults. This suggests that adverse effects of vaccines may take years or decades to appear in humans, or can be life-long. This is consistent with what is known about immune activation and schizophrenia. Immune activation in the fetus can cause schizophrenia 20-30 years later.

The accumulating scientific evidence and the Li et al study in particular strongly suggest that early-life vaccination may cause mental illness. The mental illnesses would emerge years or decades after vaccination of an infant. Vaccines are likely contributing the the rise of mental illnesses in the USA over the last 25 years. The rise in mental illnesses in the USA is coincident with the dramatic increase in vaccination that started in the 1980s.

Is this the proof we’ve been waiting for?

As you’ve just read, there is a growing body of research that paints an undeniable link between immune activation and autism.

Aluminum adjuvants, given early and continually, stimulate immune activation event after immune activation event, raising levels of IL-6 in pre- and post-natal brains, leading to chronic inflammation and dysregulation of neuronal circuitry and the symptoms associated with autism.

Chronic brain inflammation would also explain why many autistic children develop enlarged foreheads. It would perhaps explain why these children feel the need to bang their heads against walls, or why they become frustrated easily.

What about the gastrointestinal disorders autistic children frequently experience? If you guessed aluminum was the culprit, you are correct.

Here is a study from Nature that explains how aluminum causes inflammation in the gut and impairs gut function.

Auto-immune disorders? Here is a groundbreaking 2013 study that explains how aluminum adjuvant causes a wide-spectrum of immune disorders.

What about the MMR vaccine?

Since the MMR vaccine does not contain aluminum, why then do parents talk about the MMR vaccine being a trigger for their child’s autism?

J.B. Handley puts it simply:

The MMR vaccine is the first live virus vaccine children receive (it’s typically given between age 12–18 months, most children have received 15–20 vaccines by then), and it’s a triple (measles, mumps, rubella) live virus.

For an immune system bathed in aluminum adjuvant and possibly already simmering with activation events, this triple dose might push a child right over the edge. This might explain the seizures (an extreme immune activation event) that sometimes follow the MMR appointment.

Only one ingredient (thimerosal) in one vaccine (MMR) has been studied in relation to autism in humans.

This picture sums the point up perfectly:

So where does all of this data leave us? Groundbreaking as all of this is, it is undeniable that there are many more questions waiting to be answered and more research needed.

Certainly we are in for a wild ride these next few years as the body of research for vaccine safety grows and as more people wake up to the fact that they’ve been lied to (get your popcorn ready).

For now, though, our only ally is to find our public voice, to spread the information to our circles, to involve ourselves in the discussions taking place online and in public, to let go of the emotional attacks and let the science boldly speak for itself. That is our moral responsibility.

The rest, I say, we leave to the adage about truth. It may have taken centuries and millions of lives to get here, and somewhere along the way we probably lost hope that it would ever arrive, but in the end the adage held true, that no matter how deep the lie or how ruthless the coverup, the truth always prevails.


  1. And how many children will get autism or be severely damaged while we wait for the truth to come out? The pharmaceutical companies have made billions and billions of dollars pushing their poisons upon the unsuspecting parents and children of the world to line their own pockets and maim or kill numberous children while we are waiting for the truth to prevail. And happily the United States is leading the way to medical tyranny to vaccinate as many as they can even against the will of some children’s parents.

  2. The Chinese proved they can tell the truth. They have shown they actually care about their people. Compare that the the Criminal “Elite” for Washington DC, who not only lie their butts off, but are forcing parents to try to kill, main their children, so their buddies who manufacture this crap, makes shekels off of the death and misery and disablement of American Children.
    Thats why the Chinese will lead the world, and the scum of DC will be hunted for years, tracing them down to bring them to trial for their crimes against humanity.

    • It’s going to be amazing what the Russians and Chinese “find” aka rehash and expose. That’s fine.

      The Chinese also accepted Wallach’s advice about Selenium and I’d bet they will accept the vitamin and mineral advice and birth and host the healthiest and most intelligent population on the face of the earth. The absolute opposite of the West who will birth nothing but literally retarded, Pre-Alzheimer, Pre-diabetic, ADD autists. The only drugs in China will be caffeine, nicotine and alcohol – PERIOD.

      Let western liberal and conservative trash alike drug themselves to death, that’s what they want so badly! Pharma drugs, sugar, gluten – all drugs! And that secondary fetish of sticking needles up their veins — yech!

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