NATO To Increase Military Presence On Russia’s Border

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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced an upcoming “landmark summit” in Warsaw in early July which will enhance the alliance’s defensive and deterrent presence in Poland and and the rest of Eastern Europe.

He said that several battalions will be deployed in Poland, the Baltic States and elsewhere in the region that will guarantee an increase in the presence of ground troops and equipment.

“So let me be clear: there will be more NATO troops in Poland after the Warsaw Summit, to send a clear signal that an attack on Poland will be considered an attack on the whole alliance,” Stoltenberg said

AntiWar reports:

This comes just a week and a half after the last NATO summit, which itself included deals to send massive numbers of addition troops into the same area, on the same pretext of fending off a Russian invasion that officials have been predicting for years now.

Rep. Mike Turner (R – OH), who also serves as the President of NATO Parliament, insisted that the Russian threat against Poland and the Baltics is “real and serious.” A statement from the parliament today insists NATO has “no choice” but to send more troops, again.

NATO has been predicting an imminent Russian invasion of Eastern Europe since the 2014 regime change in Ukraine,citing Russian support for the ethnic Russian majority of eastern Ukraine rebelling when the pro-NATO government attempted to ban the Russian language and severely limit their ability to trade and travel across the border.

The invasion never happened, and after years of NATO buildup seems even sillier for officials to still be predicting. The ability to use this “threat” as a justification for more NATO spending, however, means it will probably continue for the foreseeable future.

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