Taliban Troll Biden on Twitter by Posing With Ice Cream

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Taliban troll President Biden by posing with ice creams on Twitter

The Taliban sent Biden a message on Tuesday by posing with ice cream cones – in a photo-op designed to mock the U.S. president.

Here it is:

Summit.news reports: The message is clear. They know Biden is a weak, mentally disabled joke of a man, and they have zero fear of America under his leadership.

This is the image Biden has projected to America’s enemies.

During a “press conference” in which Taliban leaders took questions from reporters (something Joe Biden refused to do Monday) they even commented that free speech in America is under more threat than in Afghanistan owing to the administration’s use of Facebook to censor dissent, and general big tech erosion of freedom of expression:

Biden waited and waited until Kabul had been overrun by the Taliban and chaotic images started to emerge before he finally said anything to the American people on the matter.

Sources also claim that Biden tried to get Kamala Harris to deal with the situation while he was at Camp David.

National Security advisor Jake Sullivan also admitted Monday that Biden has not spoken to any foreign leaders on the issue.

Biden later apparently spoke to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

Pentagon Spokeman John Kirby admitted that the adminisatrion has no idea how many Americans are trapped in Afghanistan:

After telling Americans there to shelter in place and not go to the airport, Americans were advised Tuesday to try to get to the airport, but that they are essentially on their own:


The White House also said it cannot guarantee the safe evacuation of all Americans:

What kind of pathetic leadership is this?


  1. Way to go ‘Murica…fraudulently install a nitwit and a ho. Now the world laughs at you and you’re in trouble.

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