CNN Insider: The CIA Controls Everything We Do

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“It’s been really bad. We have CIA folks here all the time now.”

CNN insider admits the news network is controlled by the CIA

A CNN insider claims that the network is run, quite literally, by the CIA in order to control the news the American public get to hear.

In a series of astonishing claims made to Victurus Libertas, an alleged CNN staffer has confirmed what former host and three-time Emmy award winning journalist Amber Lyon said in 2012 – namely that the U.S. Deep State force the network to publish and broadcast government propaganda.

According to the insider – NBC, Huffington Post, New York Times, Washington Post, and Fox are all infiltrated to some degree by the Central Intelligence Agency too. reports:

These are the exact words of our source, “It’s been really bad. We have CIA folks here all the time now.”

Our insider says the CIA are mainly talking to Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer and Jeff Zucker.  Our source says the CIA tells them what to say, and everyone is “so mad at this Vault 7 Assange person.”

According to our source, Vault 7  “let the cat out of the bag.”

Our source also says Tapper is scared of these guys. “He nods his head like a obedient dog, and then yells at us, and curses Assange,” according to our source.

Another interesting tidbit our source mentioned was that Tapper was talking about “droning” Assange.

Our source claims someone in the production crew for Don Lemon was heard saying that the “personalities” here may be exposed by Wikileaks, because the CIA has a very close relationship with all the “glamour folks” here.

The CIA runs the machine that creates the message. Folks, its no wonder Jake Tapper is scared. He is about to be exposed as a talking sock puppet for the clandestine services department of the Shadow Government.

News is dead. Let that sink in for a bit… The MSM News is DOA……What we have now is State Propaganda, and an Orwellian version of news. Not only can (and do) the CIA control the message, they can listen in via the delivery system.

The CIA is constitutionally forbidden to spy on Americans. They came out yesterday and swore on their pinkie finger they were not spying on the citizens.  24 hours later, Assange stated that there are 22,000 cases of CIA domestic spying just in the first 3-4 data dumps.


  1. I believe that the CIA actually does gate the MSM, and that this mostly happens through the ownership & exec editors deciding which stories to run or emphasize and which not to run or deemphasize. I also believe that the CIA/FBI are high priests of the grifter arts, who like to put out false stories that can be debunked in order to “muddy the trails”. Anderson Cooper, for instance, had some CIA background, but there is no mention of him in the article. The CNN source adds gratuitous rooting for Trump in at the end…it doesn’t feel like an authentic report.

  2. Something BIG is about to happen….and this is NOT it… this is peanuts compared to what is about to happen…..

  3. I think it’s been this way for a long time. It’s just that now a lot of us realize it. I quit TV years ago… There is a ton of bullshit on the internet as well, but if you’re willing to sift through it….

  4. “NEWS” today is mostly propaganda … And the rest is “Distractions” from truths. So, ALL LIES! What’s really going on??? Listen closely to POTUS, he tells it almost quickly, so only the informed actually catch what’s going on … And it’s all swampy!

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