Blair Calls For Second Referendum To Reverse Brexit ‘Catastrophe’

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Former prime minister Tony Blair suggested Britain should keep its “options open” over Brexit and that might mean a second referendum.

During an  interview with the BBC on Friday the former Labour leader said it may be a chance to reverse the Brexit “catastrophe”.

However, the current PM Theresa May rejected Blair’s appeal for a Brexit rethink and insisted there would be no second running of the historic EU referendum.

The Express reports:

The former Labour leader argued the British people must be able to “change our minds” despite a majority voting for Brexit on June 23.

Long-time europhile Mr Blair suggested Britain’s departure from the EU could be blocked “either through parliament, or through an election, possibly through another referendum”.

He claimed recent talks with French president Francois Hollande had convinced him the “catastrophe” of Brexit would lead to “very, very tough” negotiations with the Brussels-based bloc.

But Downing Street dismissed Mr Blair’s appeal for a Brexit rethink and insisted there would be no second running of the historic EU referendum.

A Number 10 spokesman also brushed off concerns Mr Blair appeared to have been plotting with Mr Hollande.

He said: “Tony Blair is entitled to put his views to whom he so chooses.

“But what’s important is the PM has been absolutely clear – the British people have spoken, we are listening, we’re going to leave the European Union.

“And not only has the PM been clear here but she’s also been clear when she’s met European leaders.

“There will be no second referendum, Britain is leaving the EU.”

Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly promised to lead Britain out of the EU, introduce controls on EU freedom of movement and end the meddling of EU judges on British laws.

Despite more than 17million voters backing Brexit, Mr Blair has insisted he is not trying to ignore the will of the British people.

He suggested as Brexit negotiations take place and “facts” come to light the British public’s wishes could “shift”.

Earlier this month, Mr Blair hinted he could return to UK politics following his exile since quitting Downing Street.

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