George Galloway hits out at BBC over Question Time ‘set-up’

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George Galloway hits out at BBC over Question Time 'set-up'

George Galloway was heckled by audience members during his appearance on the BBC’s Question Time.

The programme host David Dimbleby had to frequently call for calm with shouts from the audience like: “You’re not welcome here” and “disgusting”.

George Galloway has hit out at the BBC following his appearance, saying he was set up and said that David Dimbleby privately apologised to him afterwards.

The Guardian reports: The controversy centred around a question that one audience member asked about a rise in antisemitism in the UK.

But the question also included a reference to the MP for Bradford West bearing some responsibility for this rise, an inclusion he said that had not been agreed beforehand.

The anti-war politician said the host David Dimbleby later apologised to him for this, but it represented what he said was a set-up within the BBC.

“A lot of people are very unhappy about it as it was a set-up,” he said.

“It was very poorly chaired by a man I admire but who let himself down immensely. It showed the opposition in a very bad light and I don’t know who was advising them.

“It is defamatory and worse and it was not the question that was asked. The question that was tabled and agreed was not the question that was asked.

“He added his own words and David Dimbleby should have stopped and re-shot that question, as it’s not a live show.

The BBC have said in a statement: “We are satisfied the programme was conducted appropriately and fairly.

Watch the video clip to see the reactions of both the panel and the audience. Do you think Galloway was set up?

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