Mexico’s ‘Volcano Of Fire’ Spews Ash Two Miles Into The Sky

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volcano of fire

The video below shows the Colima volcano in Mexico as it became active once again, spewing ash almost two miles (3km) into the sky on Monday.

The volcano also known as the ‘Volcano of Fire‘, near the city of Colima in western Mexico started to show signs of activity on July 9. Ash began to fall on the communities located at the foot of the mountain which forced local authorities to close off a 12-kilometer (7.5 mile) area around the volcano on July 12.

The Independent report: The Colima volcano, which lies near Mexico’s west coast on the border of the states of Colima and Jalisco, sparked into life in early July, causing the airport in Colima to close due and forcing residents to evacuate.

After that early July activity, the interior ministry in Mexico said that there were three likely scenarios: a 1913-esque explosion (one of the largest in its history), a collapse of the volcano’s dome or a reduction in activity. Authorities are continuing to monitor the volcano’s activities.

Colima has erupted more than forty times since the sixteenth century and most recently erupted in January of this year.

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