Virginia Announce Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Plans For All Residents

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Virginia State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver announced Friday that he plans to make coronavirus vaccinations for Virginians mandatory once a vaccine is approved by the FDA.

As Friday’s hospitalization numbers across the Sun Belt appear to confirm CDC head Dr. Robert Redfield’s assertion that the American COVID-19 outbreak is starting to fade, the State of Virginia is setting a new precedent by seriously discussing forcing residents to be vaccinated with whatever rushed-to-marked candidate the FDA approves first.

During an interview on Friday, State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver said he planned to invoke state law to make vaccinations mandatory – once a Big Pharma product is available, presumably.

Here’s more from ABC News 8:

State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver told 8News on Friday that he plans to mandate coronavirus vaccinations for Virginians once one is made available to the public.

Virginia state law gives the Commissioner of Health the authority to mandate immediate immunizations during a public health crisis if a vaccine is available. Health officials say an immunization could be released as early as 2021.

Dr. Oliver says that, as long as he is still the Health Commissioner, he intends to mandate the coronavirus vaccine.

“It is killing people now, we don’t have a treatment for it and if we develop a vaccine that can prevent it from spreading in the community we will save hundreds and hundreds of lives,” Oliver said.

Pro-medical-choice activists in the state argue that the issue is a matter of medical choice, and that the “expedited” approval process being implemented by the FDA is grounds for concern.

Virginia Freedom Keepers Director of Communications Kathleen Medaries, a mother of three from Chesterfield, says this is a matter of medical choice.

This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. It’s not a pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine issue,” Medaries said. 

“For me, it’s an issue of being able to assess each vaccine for myself and my family one at a time.”

“He shouldn’t be the one person to make a decision for all of Virginians,””Medaries responded.

The state’s top medical official is opposed to a bill that has been put forth in the state assembly that would create more exemptions to a mandatory vaccination order, allowing exemptions on religious and other grounds.

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  1. People who are anti-vaccine need to invoke the same extended privacy civil right that elective abortionist claim exists in the US constitution.

    Federal courts would have to either agree that a person refusing a experimental vaccine is the same personal privacy issue as elective abortion, the so-called my body my choice argument, or else admit they were wrong when they fabricated elective abortion as a constitutional right.

    • That’s right. We have a fundamental right to decide what is best for ourselves. The government has no say-so.

  2. Being vaccinated is a personal decision! I am old and I will not be vaccinated for covid-19! I have never had a flu shot and never will have a flu shot! If I get sick and die so be it as I will not know. Only a few people will mourn me!!!

  3. Theyve all got that same look especially in their eyes when they ve sold their souls .That vacant look that you with experience know can turn to the most vicious expression of evil inaginable .

    • Who is they?


      Stupid Black doctors from Virginia?
      People from Virginia?

      Vaccine Makers?
      Bill Gates?

      The Vatican?

  4. it’s been a long time since you should have vacated that stupid state – now it’s your last chance to escape the gistapo state

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