Putin: Google Will Soon Rule The World

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Putin warns that companies like Google could soon rule the world

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Google is on the verge of ruling the world as the Internet giant perfects its artificial intelligence technology.

Speaking at a meeting with students on Friday, Putin said that top artificial intelligence companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon, are all competing to perfect AI in order to dominate the human race.

AI raises colossal opportunities and threats that are difficult to predict now,” Putin told the group.

Newsmax.com reports:

He warned that “the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world.”

Putin warned that “it would be strongly undesirable if someone wins a monopolist position” and promised that Russia would be ready to share its know-how in artificial intelligence with other nations.

The Russian leader predicted that future wars will be fought by drones, and “when one party’s drones are destroyed by drones of another, it will have no other choice but to surrender.”

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