The Ebola Olive Branch? Fidel Castro Will Work With USA On Ebola Crisis

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In a strange turn of political events, various sources are reporting that the communist leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, has now publicly said he will cooperate with the United States on the ongoing Ebola crisis.

According to Yahoo! News, “Cuba is sending about 460 doctors and nurses to West Africa to help fight Ebola, an effort that was praised on Friday by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

The U.S. is sending hundreds of soldiers to set up clinics and train health care workers and it also has sent officials from the Centers for Disease Control to help in training.”

With pleasure we will cooperate with U.S. personnel in that task,” the 88-year-old ex-leader wrote in the Communist Party daily Granma. He said it would not be to seek peace between two countries long at odds, but “for the peace of the world.’

(Fidel) Castro did not say what form cooperation might take.”

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Easing Tensions Between Fidel Castro and The US

Tensions between Castro and the United States have shown signs of easing in the last decade, with some minor travel restrictions being lifted for US citizens wishing to visit Cuba (a select number on specially licensed tours).  A well documented trip from Beyonce and Jay-Z last year also brought hope

According to RT News, Fidel Castro said, “‘We need at least a 20-fold surge in assistance – mobile laboratories, vehicles, helicopters, protective equipment, trained medical personnel, and medevac capacities,’

Cuba was one of the first countries to send medical staff to the West African nations fighting the epidemic. A group of 165 health workers arrived in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, and several more groups are expected there. The Cuban team consists of 100 nurses, 50 doctors, three epidemiologists, three intensive care specialists, three infection control specialist nurses, and five social mobilization officers.”

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