World’s First Tidal Power Lagoons Generating Electricity In U.K – Planned

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Tidal powered lagoons designed for electricity generation are to be built across the U.K .

The company-Tidal Lagoon Power plans on Six tidal lagoons in Wales, Somerset and Cumbria expected to generate 8% of the UK’s electricity. The lagoons will be designed to harness wave power and turn it into Electricity. The U.K has the second largest tidal resource in the world. The lagoon will take up to five years to build. reports:

The first lagoon in Swansea Bay, which is due to receive a planning decision by 10 June, is expected to carry a high price at £168 per MWh hour, but Mark Shorrock, chief executive of Tidal Lagoon Power, says this price will reduce in time for the other lagoons.

For example, a second, more efficient lagoon in Cardiff is predicted to cost £90-£95 per MWh, which Shorrock says is comparable to fossil fuel or nuclear generation.

The Cardiff lagoon would have a capacity of 1,800MW and 2,800MW, enough low carbon electricity to power every home in Wales throughout its 120-year life, says the South Wales Argus.

It is expected to generate power for approximately 14 hours each day and could be powered on in 2022.

“There is still a long way to go and many environmental surveys to undertake but we will work in partnership with all nature conservation bodies so as to understand, avoid, minimise and mitigate any environmental impacts,” Shorrock told the Western Mail.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has said he hopes to back the project but cannot make a decision yet as discussions are ongoing. “I’m very excited by the prospect of tidal power,” he added. “We have got some of the biggest tidal ranges in the world and it would be really useful if we could harness some of that clean energy.”



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