Inmates At Women’s Only Prison Pregnant After Sex With Transgender Prisoner

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Transgender inmate at womens state prison

A transgender prisoner has confessed to getting two female inmates pregnant at an all-women’s prison in New Jersey.

Demitrius Minor, who is serving 30 years behind bars at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for killing his foster father, has claimed responsibility for impregnating two inmates.

One of the pregnant women double murderer Latonia Bellamy who is due to give birth in early fall

Edna Mahan changed their transgender policy last year to house women who had not undergone sex reassignment surgery

The Mail Online reports: New Jersey’s Department of Corrections admitted on Tuesday that two women prisoners have become pregnant after having sex with transgender women at Mahan, the state’s only women’s prison. Minor has admitted online that she is responsible for both pregnancies.

Minor also complained that all three inmates are now being held in solitary confinement. 

The 800-inmate Mahan facility began housing transgender women – including those that have yet to undergo gender reassignment surgery – last year after a lawsuit brought by an inmate and the ACLU. It now has 27 trans prisoners.

A source familiar with the prison told cell doors are left open during recreation time, so inmates can theoretically use those periods to sneak into each other’s cells or slip into a bathroom for quickie sex. 

William Sullivan, president of the union that represents most of the state’s correctional officers, told that the pregnancies come as no real surprise, pointing out: ‘We foresaw this in 2019 when we filed an injunction to stop the transfer of inmates to the women’s facility that identify as transgender.’

‘We cautioned this would probably end up badly, meaning with pregnancies,’ Sullivan said.

‘There’s congregate showers, recreation, and we can’t watch all 800 inmates every single second of the day,’ Sullivan added.

In her essay, Bellamy said conditions inside Mahan breeds ‘a pervasive culture of rape.’

However, she added in all capital letters: ‘I WAS NOT RAPED.’

‘Nor was I forced to do anything that I did not want to do,’ she added.

‘Despite it not being permitted I fell in love and had consensual sex with a woman who is trans. Consensual sex is a prohibited act in Edna Mahan.  

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