Police Urge Brits To Report Neighbours Suspected Of Breaching Coronavirus Lockdown

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UK police chiefs are encouraging people to snoop and snitch on neighbours they think may be breaching the coronavirus lockdown rules.

‘Hotlines’ and ‘online portals’ have been set up by police in Humberside, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Avon and Somerset, for residents to submit tip-offs if they spot any lockdown violations taking place.

MSN reports: The portals have been made in response to a surge in the number of calls to the non-emergency 101 number since the PM imposed the most drastic curtailment of civil liberties in either peacetime or wartime.

Concerned citizens are being asked to fill out an online form specifying the nature of the alleged violations.

They can report police for supposed violations committed by individuals, groups, or businesses, and provide officers with the specific address, date, and time of the incident.

It comes as 260 people who tested positive with the coronavirus have today died in a record 24-hour spike, bringing the total number of people who have died with Covid-19 to 1,019.

Britons trying to adjust to life under the coronavirus lockdown are being fined by police officers, and in rare cases arrested for threatening to infect emergency workers by coughing.

Groups of two or more are being dispersed by police across the country, as senior chiefs admit the police are ‘essentially powerless’ to stop Britons going out more than once a day.

People have continued to flock to Britain’s parks and beaches to take advantage of the sunny weather, running and cycling through Regents Park and Richmond Park in London.

Others went for strolls along Brighton promenade and Lyme Regis in Dorset, or sat on Bournemouth beach; police stopped passersby as they continue to enforce strict social-distancing measures.

Derbyshire and Lincolnshire Police are facing charges of zealotry after using drones to spy upon people who are making ‘non-essential trips’ like country dog walks.

Liberty’s Director Martha Spurrier said: ‘This new law is without doubt the biggest restriction on our individual and collective freedoms in a generation.

‘What people may not realise is the extent of its powers, and how long they can be in place for.

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