Dubai Builds World’s First 3D-Printed Office

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A functioning 3D-printed office building opened in Dubai this week.

The futuristic looking building took 17 days to print and 2 days to install, at a cost of US$140,000.

Ubergizmo reports:

According to a report from Reuters, it seems that the world’s first 3D printed office has been officially opened in Dubai.

This 3D printed building will be part of Dubai’s plan to help come up with ideas and technology to help cut costs and save time, and it certainly has managed to do so as the office reportedly took under three weeks to complete.

It also required less workers on site as it really only needed one member of staff to ensure the printer was working properly.

Of course there were other workers such as electricians, installers, and mechanical engineers to help oversee the installation of certain components and wiring it up, but as far as the actual building process was concerned, not many were needed.

Costs were also reduced as it cost $140,000 for everything to be wired up and installed, which is said to be half the price of a comparable structure built using more traditional methods.

According to United Arab Emirates Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mohamed Al Gergawi, “This is the first 3D-printed building in the world, and it’s not just a building, it has fully functional offices and staff. We believe this is just the beginning. The world will

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