Blue-Check Libtards Panic About Life Returning to Normal

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Blue check liberals panic about life returning to normal

Blue-check liberals on Twitter are panicking now that the world is returning to normal, following a year of devastating lockdowns around the world.

Emily Ramshaw, co-founder and CEO of left-wing @19news, tweeted on Friday night that she was “panicked about life inching back toward ‘normal’”:

According to wealthy Ramshaw, there have been many “liberating” moments in the past year being forced to wear masks and stay locked up inside her home:

NYT’s hack Taylor Lorenz enthusiastically agrees:

So does former HuffPost editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen: reports: Security expert Garrett Graff says he’s “terrified about returning to the life I had pre-pandemic”:

Conservative Mindy Finn feels this way, too:

And CNN’s Brian Stelter says “this is exactly where” his wife is “right now”:

With all due respect to all of these blue-checks, GTFOH.


  1. Life was better under lockdown The air was cleaner without jets everywhere ,and cats by the millions and trucks and all the rest The streets were quiet and safe a d life went on smoothly Jyst take the rubbish disease story away and keep the lockdown and it would be a much safer cleaner quieter more peaceful world And if people go bonkers from having to spend time with their family or friends then that’s best identified and they can be hospitalised for therapy .Home delivery groceries ,take outs, etcetera are all fantastic dor business growth along with online shipping and everyones got a coffee espresso machine now anyway And we can learn to make our own cakes All that’s needed is more home visit Drs and hairdressers.

    • I refuse to mask up.I pick my groceries up, and that is likely to continue. But if I have business where I have to enter a store, I walk in, take care of it and leave. Ive encountered very little friction. I even found a dentist who would take me as a patient sans mask. But we have been seeing our personal freedoms being eliminated incrementally since 9/11/01. Im convinced that the maskoids look at this at some sort of adventure, as they likely have never done anything adventurous.

    • I think a lot of people aren’t recognizing the sarcasm here, although there have been some changes made during the last year that should become permanent and probably will. (And I don’t mean wearing masks, etc.)

  2. The mask-compliant types definitely have a profile: young, college educated chicken-shits. And the Asians jump on the train with both feet, young and old alike. Mask free here throughout this non-sense.

  3. I can understand what they’re saying. Most people burden themselves with a lot of nonsense in the pursuit of more nonsense they just don’t need. If someone doesn’t want to go back to that now is the time to look at other options.

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