Rep. Jerry Nadler Tells You Not To Believe Your Eyes, Says Antifa Riots In Portland Are ‘A Myth’

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Jerry Nadler

Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler claimed without evidence on Sunday that the violent Antifa riots in Portland do not exist. According to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, the violent riots that have paralyzed Portland and drawn the attention of the national media are “a myth“.

Rep. Nadler’s remarks directly contradict video evidence that is widely available on social media and contradict what the Department of Homeland (DHS) says is happening in Portland.

The violent situation Portland has witnessed for the past eight weeks continues with violent anarchists rioting on the streets as federal law enforcement officers work diligently and honorably to enforce federal law, defend federal property, and protect the lives of their fellow officers,” DHS said in a statement on Sunday.

As federal officers left the courthouse to respond to attacks on the fence, just like on previous nights they were met by rioters with hard projectiles, mortar style fireworks and lasers that can cause permanent blindness. Over the previous 24 hours, such assaults have resulted in at least 14 federal officers injured.”

DailyWire report: Nadler was approached by journalist Austen Fletcher and asked if he disavowed the violent riots.

It is true. There’s violence across the whole country,” Fletcher said. “Do you disavow the violence from Antifa that’s happening in Portland right now? There’s riots—”

That’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington, D.C.,” Nadler claimed without evidence.

“About Antifa in Portland?” Fletcher pressed.

Yes—” Nadler once again claimed without evidence.

A person with Nadler, presumably an aide, rushed in to get Nadler away from the camera and took him to a car nearby.

Sir, there’s videos everywhere online,” Fletcher said as Nadler walked away. “There’s fires and riots, they’re throwing fireworks at federal officers. DHS is there. Look online. It gets crazy, Mr. Nadler.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. You have to understand that they ,all of then rely on their aides and advisors Its the advisors who run the show and they’re not democratically elected They usually cone from wealthy families with large land holdings are usually Catholic raised or educated and often people who studied to become Jesuit priests.Theyre frequently gay. Also in australia aby staff of any members if parliament are NOT allowed to watch any news on tv or current affairs ,or read any news papers,or articles whatsoever or listen to any news on any devices at all .They are not allowed as terms of employment.

  2. From his video, it looks like this guy is 4 feet tall. No wonder his pants are just below his chest.

  3. Nadless is a waddling blob of blubber and his demeanor indicates that he probably couldn’t rub two brain cells together.

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