Wikileaks Puts Out $30,000 Bounty On Obama Admin

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WikiLeaks have raised the cash reward offered to expose a possible new Obama scandal


Whistleblowing website Wikileaks has offered a cash reward to anyone who can expose an agent of the Obama administration destroying important records before leaving office.

A Twitter post on Tuesday said “We are issuing a US$20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest or exposure of any Obama admin agent destroying significant records,” however, it is not explicitly alleged that the administration is suspected of inappropriate conduct.

The bounty was raised to $30,000 on Wednesday.

American Patriot Daily reports:

The privacy activists exposed the Democrat Party rigging their own Presidential primary.

And now they just put up a cash bounty to expose a possible new Obama scandal.

The 2016 election was dominated by the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails.

She claimed her emails were personal in nature, but FBI Director James Comey said it was impossible to know because her team only used a keyword search instead of reading the contents of each email in order to determine what was work related or personal.

Those emails never surfaced, and the stink of a cover up hovered over Clinton the entire campaign.

But missing information is nothing new to the Clintons.

WikiLeaks tweeted a 2009 email obtained through a previous Freedom of Information Act request reporting that a two terabyte drive worth of information from the Clinton administration was reported stolen from the National Archives.

And now, to make sure more emails and documents don’t go missing in the final days of the Obama administration, Wikileaks has offered a $30,000 U.S. cash bounty for any information leading to an arrest or exposure of an Obama administration official destroying information.

The destruction of records would be nothing new for the Obama administration.

During the IRS-Tea Party scandal, it was revealed that thousands of emails from IRS official Lois Lerner – who was at the heart of the scandal – had gone missing.

The IRS was later able to recover 1,800 of these emails, but the IRS watchdog group investigating the matter claimed there were a total 24,000 missing emails.

The agency claimed her emails were “lost” when her computer mysteriously crashed.

CNN reports:

“The IRS watchdog investigating the disappearance of Lois Lerner’s emails has concluded that there could be as many as 24,000 missing emails, according to written congressional testimony obtained by CNN on Wednesday.

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Russell George and his deputy, Timothy Camus, will tell the House Oversight Committee on Thursday that their investigation was able to recover more than 1,000 emails the IRS did not turn over to Congress, according to the written testimony.

Lerner was the Internal Revenue Service official at the center of allegations that the agency targeted tea party groups applying for nonprofit status. Congress requested Lerner’s emails from the IRS and agency officials told lawmakers an unknown number of emails had been lost when Lerner’s computer crashed.”

To prevent a repeat of this fiasco, WikiLeaks is promising a cash reward for anyone who can produce proof the Obama administration is destroying records on their way out the door.

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