Scientists Panic As Live Mutant Sharks Found Inside Underwater Volcano

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Scientists panic as mutant sharks discovered beneath underwater volcano

Scientists have been left stunned after discovering live ‘mutant’ sharks living inside underwater volcanoes in the South Pacific.

Researchers from the University of Rhode Island made the discovery when searching for rare underwater volcanoes around the Solomon Islands. reports: How were these sharks surviving within the dangerous confines of the volcanoes? Was there some food supply that the sharks preferred to their routine diet? Divers who had come close to the volcano’s area had developed acid burns on their skin. How was it possible that these sharks who were dwelling within the area of the volcano were able to survive without being burnt severely?

Perhaps it’s within the structure of the organism’s DNA? After all, the organisms of earth are defined by their genetic code. Perhaps something is “programmed” into the genetics of these sharks that lets them survive and thrive within the belly of these underwater beasts. In addition, the sharks could have chosen this as a new habitat due to impending changes that mankind is having on the global ecosystem.

Mankind’s pollutants and emissions change the global habitat for all dwellers, and perhaps these sharks have chosen the volcanoes as their new home because it is a safe place to live for them. The impact of the shark’s migration could have a huge impact on the general wellbeing of our seas due to the food chain being thrown off. Certain animals could experience their population growing in abundance and potentially become a problem for their habitat.

These sharks and their choice of a new home is an astounding topic and it will continue to pique the interest of marine biologists and their colleagues for generations to come. The impact of their habitat and their new diet based off of their location could eventually impact our lives as well.

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