Trudeau Regime Offers $5,000 Bonuses to Businesses Who Refuse To Hire White People

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Trudeau offers businesses five thousands dollars for refusing to hire white men.

The Trudeau regime is now offering businesses a $5,000 cash bonus each time they refuse to hire a white person for a job.

The new scheme has already been rolled out to British Columbia construction companies, who will be given the cash injection each time they hire apprentices who identify as anything other than a straight white male.

Per Western Investor, “B.C. employers get $5,000 more if apprentices ‘self-identify’ “:

B.C. construction companies which hire trade apprentices who self-identify as other than a straight, white male with no disability will receive double a new government incentive, pushing it to $10,000 for the first year of employment.

The $10 million Apprenticeship Services program, being offered by the B.C. Construction Association (BCCA) and announced September 27, provides cash incentives to small and medium-sized construction employers who hire and register first-year apprentices in up to 39 Red Seal trades.

Funding for what the BCCA calls the “most far-reaching construction trade apprenticeship drive ever undertaken in British Columbia” is under the federal government’s Canadian Apprenticeship Strategy, which launched in September 2022.

Since then the project has issued financial incentives for the hiring and registering of 1,329 apprentices and sent payments to more than 700 employers.

The BCCA will pay employers $5,000 for each first-year apprentice they register in any eligible Red Seal trades. However, if an applicant self-identifies as a woman, person with disabilities, Indigenous, racialized Canadian or from the 2SLGBTQI+ community, the incentive doubles to $10,000.

[…] So far, 51 per cent of the project apprentices have declared themselves to be a member of one of an “equity deserving group,” according to a BCCA release.

Information Liberation reports: This takes “train your replacement” to a whole new level!

As I reported in a similar story a week ago, the CEO of British Telecom giant BT is reportedly firing some 1,000 white employees with the intention of replacing them with non-whites from major cities in order to “boost diversity” and potentially pocket a £220,000 bonus for hitting “diversity targets.”

Meanwhile, another report found that in America the S&P 100 gave 94% of 323,094 new jobs to non-whites in year after the 2020 Black Lives Matter protest.


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