Jeffrey Epstein “Planned To Extort The Queen by Blackmailing Prince Andrew”

Fact checked
Queen and Prince Andew

The aim of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s relationship with Prince Andrew was to blackmail him in order to extort money out of the Queen, the former lover of the prince’s ex-wife has claimed.

The plot has just thickened!!

John Bryan, the ex lover of Prince Andrew’s ex wife Sarah Ferguson also says that he believes Andrew is innocent!

Fergie, as Andrew’s ex is best known, caused huge upset with the royal family when she was photographed having her toes sucked by Bryan while on holiday just months after her separation from Prince Andrew in 1992.

Bryan is now claiming that Epstein, who lured hundreds of vulnerable young girls into his sex trafficking ring during a 30-year period, would befriend rich and powerful men, then blackmail them into paying him money to remain silent…….. “It was just an extortion plot” he said.

The Mail Online reports: Mr Bryan, who has been involved in the world of finance his whole life and knows some of the men involved, said: ‘People always ask how Epstein made his money. He was supposed to be this tax wizard. But it was all a con.

‘He blackmailed rich men and then made them pay to avoid scandal. He made hundreds of millions of dollars this way.

‘Epstein tried to lure Andrew into his web, but I believe his ultimate mark was the Queen.

I believe Andrew is innocent. If he genuinely was involved in ‘orgies’ as has been alleged, then Epstein would have used that to try and bribe the Queen into paying out millions to protect her family. Andrew has never had any money. The Queen was the one with money.

‘I truly believe Epstein was going after her but Andrew never gave him the ammunition to do so.’

During his disastrous Newsnight interview, Andrew told how he was introduced to Epstein in 1999 by the paedophile’s ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.


    • You just make that up. You wouldn’t really have a clue what his job was. You don’t know anything about him or it except for what the censors allow you to hear see and read.

      • Epstein was Mossad. Well, where’s your evidence that Epstein was not Mossad?

        Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad spy, says investigative journalist Dylan Howard
        Dylan Howard and a team of investigative reporters have spent years trawling through all of the Epstein evidence. This is what they found.

        International spy
        In his book, Howard speculates that Epstein may have also been an international spy.

        “As part of our investigation, we spoke to Ari Ben-Menashe, who is a former Israeli spy,” Howard said.

        “He said, on the record, unequivocally, that Jeffrey Epstein was working for Israeli intelligence operations, the Mossad, and running a classic honey trap operation: that is, lure people inside, record their activities, and use it to blackmail them.

        “This person was also the handler of Jeffrey Epstein’s best friend and ex-girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell.

    • Yep, absolutely true. Wexner, Epstein’s acknowledged money-man for the operation, is also a Mossad asset. Just like Ghislaine and her father. Destroying young European heritage girls lives means nothing to them at all in pursuit of their ethnocentric supremacist agenda.

  1. What a load of absolutely gullible naive unbelievable crap As if Epstein didn’t know the Queen runs the free sons, the royal. Courts the secret services Scotland Yard and the entire Royal navy Air force and army As if anyone except a complete FOOL would think she wouldn’t have means ‘s at her disposal to completely remove any potential ridiculous attempt to threaten her with black mail by anyone except someone with more legal moral authority than herself.

    • You would be surprised how much the Monarchy in Britain doesn’t run, including your list. However, I do agree that if even Andrew himself would have had the ability to have Epstein dispatched, if needed.

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