UK Raises Threat Level For Mideast Personnel Due To ‘Iran Threat’

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The British government has reportedly raised the threat level for troops and diplomats throughout the Middle East, due to a ‘heightened risk from Iran’

The news comes amid a US military build-up in the region to counter an alleged Iranian threat and amid escalating tensions between Donald Trump’s administration and Tehran.

Earlier this week the British military became engaged in a public clash with the Pentagon over claims about the alleged threat. A top British general said there was no increased threat from Iranian-backed forces in Iraq or Syria.

RT reports: The change of security situation for Britons affects Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, the British television channel reported. The decision to was taken due to a fear of “Iran or its proxies taking action against British, US or other allied interests,” it said.

The Sky source suggested Tehran may be plotting an attack that would provide plausible deniability, thus avoiding an all-out war with the US, which would still “signal Iranian anger” over sanctions imposed by the US.

The ongoing escalation of tensions between Washington and Tehran started in early May, when the Trump administration claimed it had intelligence indicating a looming attack by Iranian forces against US interests. The intelligence was reportedly provided by Israel and prompted deployment of additional military assets in the region by the Pentagon, including an aircraft carrier strike group with bomber planes on board, B-52 strategic bombers and a battery of Patriot anti-aircraft missiles.

This week Washington also pulled non-essential personnel from diplomatic missions in Iraq as part of the escalation. Some European nations took similar moves, withdrawing troops and military hardware away from the Middle East and voiced concerns about possible hostilities between the US and Iran.

The White House was reportedly reluctant to share the intelligence with allies and even US lawmakers, resulting in some complaints on both sides of the political aisle in Washington. A Wednesday New York Times report said the intelligence was overhead images of Iranian troops loading missiles on small sailboats. The newspaper cited anonymous sources familiar with the matter.