Sugar Can Destroy Lives & Should Be Taxed Like Tobacco Says Jamie Oliver

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Sugar can destroy lives and should be taxed like tobacco says Jamie Oliver

England’s celebrity chef Jamie Oliver says that sugar is the next tobacco and as such it should be taxed because of its health risks.

The Telegraph reports: Sugary foods risk causing a public health crisis similar to smoking and should be taxed in the same way as tobacco, Jamie Oliver has said.

The television chef said sugar was “definitely the next evil” and should be targeted because of the burden it was placing on the NHS.

He said he agreed with France’s decision to impose a tax on sugary drinks and believes Britain should follow.

The 39-year-old campaigner also disclosed that he had found himself on the verge of burning out from exhaustion last year, while balancing his empire of restaurants and television career.

His comments on the risks of sugar following warnings from health campaign groups that sugary diets are one of the main factors in increasing levels of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

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