BBC Silent After London’s Massive March For Freedom

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London freedom march

The BBC have (as usual) remained silent on an event that bought London to a standstill yesterday.

Protesters gathered in Parliament Square on Saturday for a ‘Unite for Freedom’ rally with some claiming the pandemic is a hoax.

Others held placards which read ‘We do not consent’, ‘You have no power over us’, and ‘We’re not guinea pigs’.

The Daily Expose noted that the while BBC News and Sky News remained completely silent, some other outlets including ITV News gave some coverage to the mass protest for your freedom. Unfortunately their coverage was full of lies as their headline reads – ‘Hundreds join anti-Covid vaccine demonstration in Parliament Square’. The number was more likely over a million.

RT reports: The rally brought together groups of people who are variously unhappy with the prolonged lockdowns imposed by the government, mistrustful of Covid-19 vaccines and harbour anti-government sentimen

Politician David Kurten, formerly of the UK Independence Party, estimated that the gathering was larger than the one held last weekend. “We are all out, normal people, not wearing any masks, not taking any vaccines, demanding that the government give us back the civil liberties that they never had the right to take away,” he said, summarizing the protesters’ cause.

Anti-lockdown protests similar to the one in London have been happening on a regular basis in many Western countries and are sometimes met with police action.

In the UK, the mistrust in government policies has been fuelled by an often-shifting narrative, which started with a call to endure a short period of restrictions to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19 infections and protect the National Health Service from being overwhelmed, but instead went on for months.


  1. The first ones in London were very small ,just about 50 people ,but the people are waking up thanks to the tireless work of some brave journalists and word of mouth .Its very inspiring .

  2. this needs to happen in Ontario, Canada very soon. You have a catatonic ‘Premier’ Doug Ford locking down the province on the phony virus…again – same deal, no mandate, no consent…. power trip needs to end

  3. I’m very happy to have found your website after looking for reporting on the London demonstrations. The demonstrations are so inspiring and encouraging to see. There is such power in the coming together of the people and the last year has been a prolonged time of separation and it’s a relief to know I’m far from alone in this way of thinking.

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