George Soros’ Right Hand Man Accused of Running Human Trafficking Ring, Raping Children & Women

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"I'm going to rape you like I rape my daughter."

George Soros' right-hand man accused of raping, torturing women and human trafficking

George Soros’ right hand man, Howard Rubin, has been accused of brutally beating, raping and enslaving women and children as part of a human trafficking operation, according to new testimony.

66-year-old Rubin, a high-profile Wall Street financier and former money manager for Soros, has been hit with new allegations he raped and attempted to murder multiple women in a “sex dungeon” at his Manhattan apartment.

According to six victims, the NYC property has been converted into a sickening “sex dungeon” to host rape and murder sessions.

The first accusations against Rubin were made public November 2017 by News Punch, but now a slew of new women have also come forward suing Rubin in a civil trial, scheduled for November, for $18 million.

Sickening details published by New York Post reveal that one woman was so badly beaten, her plastic surgeon was unable to operate on her after her right breast implant flipped. 

Another woman revealed that just as she was about to be raped by Rubin, he confessed to raping his own children: “I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter” he told her, shortly before raping her. reports: Last month, Rubin’s longstanding wife of 36 years, Mary Henry, with whom he shares three children, and is herself another Wall Street banker, filed for divorce.

The financier, who has homes in the Hamptons and on New York’s Upper East Side, was known in Wall Street circles as something of a high roller as he earned millions for the billionaire investor until this scandal threatened to overshadow his reputation.  

The original allegations were brought by Mia Lytell, Amy Moore and Stephanie Caldwell in 2017.

Lytell and Moore are former Playboy Playmates, while Caldwell is a model who worked at a Miami strip club.

All accuse Rubin of assault, battery and human trafficking. 

‘In short, they are each alleging that they were brought to New York and taken advantage of. The allegations come down to the women saying they were physically and sexually abused,’ said John Balestriere, a lawyer acting on behalf of the women. 

‘Nobody is saying a gun was put to their heads to come to New York. Our clients are alleging that they were misled and lied to and were victims of physical and sexual violence.

‘None of these women came to New York knowing that they would be physically and sexually abused. They did not consent to what did end up happening. The key factor is that Mr. Rubin said these individuals consented to the physical and sexual violence perpetrated against them. Our six clients say they did not consent … ‘ 

An initial lawsuit said while Lytell and Moore believed that Rubin intended to play ‘some mild fetish games and perhaps take photos, neither expected to be bound with rope and tape and gagged or to be actually beaten’. 

Lytell claims ‘she was restrained’ and ‘in and out of consciousness’ unaware if Rubin penetrated her or used an object to do so.

A motion for summary judgment, filed by Rubin’s lawyer, Edward McDonald, the women signed non-disclosure agreements with a penalty of at least $500,000 if broken.

McDonald says the women even acknowledged that they could be injured during sex games.

The women say that they had little time to read the agreements and ‘did not have lawyers present’ when signing.

Furthermore, they claim that when they ‘screamed or protested [during a session], Rubin would simply become more violent. 

McDonald said that his client denies the women’s claims adding: ‘Mr Rubin has not been charged with any crimes. It is entirely a civil matter.’ 

He notes that on one occasion Rubin texted Lytell to make sure she was aware of what she was getting into. 

‘Do u [know] what you are in for?’ a text contained in court papers reads. 

‘It’s total BDSM. Most girls love it and come back for more. But I just like to be up front about everything.’

Rubin also denies any allegations of drugging. ‘He was not supplying drugs to the girls — except possibly painkillers during the encounters [which were painful].’ 

The Manhattan apartment on Madison Avenue that Rubin rented for trists is said to be full of bondage and sadomasochistic equipment, In the center of the main room was said to be an X-cross where people could lie spreadeagled while being tied up at the wrists and ankles.

One former colleague who worked with Rubin at Soros Fund Management told the Post ‘I thought he was a nice guy. He was a nebbishy Jewish guy and totally normal. I was surprised to hear about him having that apartment [with a sex dungeon].’

Another described Rubin as ‘high-strung, aggressive and does not hold back his feelings. He was a trader whose ego was tied up in being the biggest swinging d**k on Wall Street.’  

Rubin began his career in mortgaged-backed securities at Salomon Brothers in 1982. 

He joined the Mortgage Department at Bear Stearns, becoming a Senior Managing Director and head of the CMO Trading Desk before retiring in 1999 as one of the most-respected men on Wall Street.

In 1987, Rubin caused historic losses at Merrill Lynch through a series of unauthorized trades which cost the company $250million. The figure was later reported by The New York Times to be as high as $377million. 

At the time, Wall Street insiders told how he bought billions of dollars worth of mortgage bonds without receiving approval from his seniors. 

When the market plummeted, he was unable to sell them off and incurred astronomical losses for the company. 

He was fired and the matter was turned over to Wall Street watchdogs but Rubin was never criminally prosecuted.  

Despite the loss, he was appointed Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns, where he ran the Collateralized Mortgage Obligations desk from 1987 to 1999. 

In 2008 he came out of retirement to manage a Mortgage-Backed Securities Fund for financier George Soros, run by Soros Fund Management, LLC. He quit the firm in 2015. 

Until last month, Rubin had been married to philanthropist and fellow Harvard Business School graduate Mary Henry since 1985. 

Before attending Harvard Business School, he attended Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. 

The couple raised their three children, two daughters and then a son, in New York on the Upper East Side. 


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