Teen Given 3 Days To Live Makes ‘Illegal’ Recovery With Cannabis Oil

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Teen given just 3 days to live makes full recovery with cannabis oil

Doctors who gave a 14-year-old leukemia patient just 3 days to live were left “stunned” after he made a full recovery after being prescribed cannabis oil. 

In 2013, Deryn Blackwell was moved to a hospice to die, after conventional treatment to treat his rare and aggressive form of cancer failed. In a last ditch effort to save her son, mother Callie Blackwell decided to go against the law and find CBD oil to to treat Deryn – all against the advice of the medical community.

Trueactivist.com reports:

In a segment on ITV’s “This Morning”, Blackwell admitted that she risked getting into trouble with the law to aid her son, Deryn. At a young age, Deryn was diagnosed with leukemia and Langerhans cell sarcoma. After years of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, nothing was working and doctors had all but given up.

The concerned mom told the hosts that at 14-years-old, Deryn had started planning his funeral. It was then that she decided drastic measures were needed. In the book “The Boy in 7 Billion,” which Blackwell wrote about the experience, she explains that she contacted doctors and asked if they could prescribe a cannabis-based painkiller. They refused, as it wasn’t licensed for children.

Dismayed but not defeated, she conversed with her husband, Simon. Together, they purchased marijuana illegally then followed directions online explaining how to turn it into a liquid form so they could give it to Deryn. They asked the pre-teen beforehand if he was okay with the treatment, and he agreed.

“I thought what have I got to lose,” said Blackwell. “He’s dying anyway.”

Three years later, Deryn is alive and “perfectly healthy.” His mother credits the cannabis oil. However, she doesn’t refer to the plant as a ‘cure’ and wants to reiterate that while it worked for Deryn, it may not work for every child suffering from cancer.

“The effects of it blew my mind. It wasn’t what I expected,” she said

It is possible a combination of chemotherapy and cannabis oil is what allowed Deryn’s body to heal. However, more research is needed to deduce whether or not the herb is, indeed, a miracle plant, or whether or not a combination of cannabis and radiation ‘therapy’ could be a beneficial treatment for the majority of whom are affected by cancer.


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