Thousands Of Germans Rise Up Against Open Borders – Media Blackout

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Hundreds of thousands of Germans rise up against open border policy amid media blackout

Thousands of outraged German citizens have taken to the streets of Germany to protest Merkel’s open border policy, amid a total media blackout.

Following the death of 35-year-old Daniel Hillig, a local carpenter who leaves behind a widow, illegal migrants from Syria and Iraq were arrested. One of the suspects has an extensive list of prior convictions and had been facing deportation for some time, Kronen Zeitung reports. reports: Some unconfirmed reports indicate Hillig may have been attempting to stop the sexual assault of a woman when he was attacked.

Backlash has been on-going and growing over the past week, with thousands of Germans marching in the streets, calling for Angela Merkel’s resignation and blasting the “Lügenpresse” for not reporting the truth about how migration is radically transforming Germany.

Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig has declared a “state of emergency” for the city, stating, “We won’t allow for the right and right-wing thinking to undermine the state.”

International media has roundly condemned the protests in Chemnitz as an uprising of the “far-right” and “neo-Nazis,” however many reports and video evidence contradict these claims, indicating that a fringe element is vastly outnumbered by “average” German citizens who have reached their breaking point.

A man identified as a German-Pakistani YouTuber refuted the mainstream media’s “racism” narrative in an interview with Ruptly news agency.

In the viral video below, locals voice their frustrations at leftists and reporters over a lack of safety in their respective cities and perceived double standards when the law is enforced against citizens versus migrants, according to captions.

“I can’t go into the city anymore with my grandchildren,” one man said. “My wife, my daughter-in-law went to the city not too long ago, and in front of the cops, Arab citizens – young men, well-dressed, stylish with a mobile phone – went past her: ‘Wanna f**k? Wanna f**k?’ And I ask myself, is that normal?”

“If I did that four years ago, they would have taken me away as a sexual offender. . . Why do you dismiss this?”

The grandfather also claimed that protests were fueled in part after an “Arab” migrant spit on a grave and said, “Sh***y German,” and was subsequently beaten up by bystanders.

As others voiced support for the grandfather’s claims, another man chimed in, saying, “As a German, you go to jail if you can’t pay your taxes, and such people remain free. This is incomprehensible.”

“You always reverse the facts. Everyone is a ‘Nazi’ who is angry about this, about the unacceptable conditions in this country.”

Protests in Chemnitz are expected to continue this week.


  1. I am woman hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore, and I know too much to go back and pretend Oh yes I am wise but its wisdom gained from pain ,and yes Ive paid the price, b ut look how much Ive gained , You can bend but never break me ,cause it only serves to make even stronger than I was before—– etcetera etcetera Burn the bra. set us free Let us Labour We demand to Vork Vork Vork Ve vill not be oppressed and down trodden Ve vil be equal to the man in the rubbish dump Ve vill Vork All people from every Nation we all demand our rights to be enslaved You vill not stop us Ve vill fight on and on till ve everyone from every land is fully occupied in total labour from school to grave Ve villi vin a mighty Victory over any who defy us!!!!Heil Hitler !!!

  2. hahaha…so funny.. I mean seriously.. what did the krouts think was going to be the outcome of allowing refugees into their country….duhhhh helloooooooooooooo…wakey wakey

  3. She will never quit she is part of the open-borders, pedophile cabal. The public will have to remove her from office. #justwalkaway #WWG1WGA

  4. New survey shows 74% of German citizens oppose entry of Muslim immigrants:
    Islam has no place in Germany. . Minister Horst Seehofer.

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  6. The Islamic Invasion of Germany should be stopped immediately! Angela Merkel should be recalled and tossed out of office. Enough is enough. It is about time the German people put their foot down!

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