DNC Announce Hillary Clinton Run For 2020 Presidency

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DNC announce Hillary Clinton 2020 presidential bid

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez has announced a potential Hillary Clinton run for president in 2020. 

Perez, a former Clinton Campaign collaborator who helped sabotage Bernie Sanders’ chance at securing the nomination in 2016, told ABC that the Democrat Party would welcome Hillary to run in the 2020 election.

The former Secretary of State recently featured in a DNC ad where she said, “let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country.”


Washingtonexaminer.com reports:

“Everyone who wants to run should run,” he said of the 2020 Democratic primary. “And, I’m confident we’re going to have a robust field of candidates.”

Perez wasn’t much focused on the presidential race Sunday morning, instead touting a win in a special election for the Delaware State Senate Saturday night.

That election could have swung the balance of power in the state’s upper chamber, but the Democratic candidate won a convincing victory.

Perez said that’s the kind of race he’s going to be worried about in the future.

“We need an every-ZIP-code strategy,” he said. “We need to redefine the role of the DNC so that we’re helping to elect people from the school board to the Senate.”

He emphasized that the party leadership was united and that he planned to use Rep. Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Democrat who finished in second in the race for DNC chair, as a partner going forward.

Ellison was seen as the pick of the progressive wing of the party and many progressives were upset about his defeat on Saturday.

Perez said he and Ellison are very much alike in their values systems and they’ll try to make the DNC better reflect those viewpoints.

“When we lead with our values, we win, and that’s what we’re going to do,” he said.


  1. OHH MYGOODNESS WHAT THE FUK IS WRONG WITH THIS DEMOCRATIC PARTY…IS IT AN AMERICAN THING??. Democrats give americans an even worse name on the world stage…..she runs Trump Is assured of another term…ffs even a moron can work that out..

  2. It’s almost like the Democrats enjoy losing. It’s hurts so good. The crooked bastard even voted to continue to take money from lobbyist! Not listening to their employers is a bad idea.

  3. it’s time to prosecute that bitch for all the 10 commandment items she broke (over & over again). If there exists a moron that that would vote for this bitch, they should be deported to Saudi Arabia for a life long punishment

    • what possible evils did the saudis do to deserve getting the hillary voters. its cruel and unusual punishment to send the clinton voters there.

    • Since she and Trump have been very good friends for years, I would not be surprised if that was the motive all along. Hillary’s and Trump’s corporate owners don’t care which of them wins because they get the same package either way.

  4. Republican lite, aka repubdems, are PAID TO LOOSE!!! Their corp masters pay them less than the republicans for a reason……paid to loose!!! When is this hubris bitch just going to go away forever? WTF is wrong with these ass wipes? It’s one party and you ain’t in it! When are the amerikan people going to have a party that represents them and not the corp masters? Corps have two parties and we have NONE

  5. I just threw up! Hillary is the last person the Democratic party should ever think of fronting as a candidate for president. She is unelectable! Progressives and Republicans alike rejected her as worse than Donald Trump! Tulsi Gabbard would be a great choice, or inviting Bernie Sanders back as the Democratic party’s choice would be an absolute clincher for the 2020 win! Hillary is the woman who literally stole a primary. People will never forget that! What she did was treason. We need a person with Integrity, morals,, values, and honor to stand up for Progressives against the dark evil of corporate fascism. Hillary IS corporatism, and is literally the worst choice possible!! The DNC should know by now that if they want to keep their jobs past 2020, they need to pick a real Progressive this time around.

  6. If the democraps can’t get a better candidate than the TWICE-LOSING Hillary Clinton, then they should just KISS IT GOOD-BYE … NOW!

  7. I guarantee this STATEMENT alone is why I will never vote for a Democrat again. I would rather not vote than keep signing off on this catastrophic system.

    If the Democrats won’t grow a brain or a spine, trust me we can grow a new party.

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