WikiLeaks: DNC Chair Tom Perez Colluded With Hillary To ‘Destroy Bernie’

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WikiLeaks release shows DNC chair Tom Perez colluding with Hillary Clinton to 'bring down Bernie Sanders'

WikiLeaks has released emails showing that newly appointed DNC chairman, Tom Perez, colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in order to destroy and “take down” Bernie Sanders during the primary race. 

During the 2016 campaign, WikiLeaks released a series of incriminating emails from John Podesta’s email account.

One of the emails, written by Tom Perez, shows the DNC leader colluding with the Hillary camp in order to destroy Bernie’s chances at the primaries.

The email is in regards to Latino support for Hillary Clinton.

Perez tells John Podesta that he will be appearing on Telemundo to “trumpet” Hillary’s strong support among Hispanics while sticking a “fork” in Bernie.


Congrats again. While I recognize that the mother load is Texas, I am very excited about Massachusetts.

I know it is not yet done, but it is looking good.

I also look forward to my appearance on Telemundo tomorrow where I can trumpet her strong support among Latinos and put a fork once and for all in the false narrative about Bernie and Latinos. Congrats

This email is noteworthy because recently Perez refused to comment on allegations as to whether the Democrat primaries were rigged against Bernie.

It seems obvious now that Mr. Perez himself played a large part in “forking” Senator Sanders.