School Textbooks ‘Are Designed to Continue White Supremacy’ Says American Singer Andra Day

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Andra day

American actress and singer Andra Day claims that the textbooks used in American schools are designed to perpetuate “white supremacy,” by deliberately downplaying or hiding the accomplishments of black historical figures.

The pop star says that one such figure is singer Billie Holiday, whom she plays in the Hulu movie The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

Day who is a best actress nominee for her role in the film, also praised Stacey Abrams during an interview with left-wing cultural critic Roxane Gay for The Hollywood Reporter.

Breitbart reports: During the conversation, Andra Day attacked school textbooks, claiming they frequently omit historical accounts of black people, like the controversy surrounding Billie Holiday’s song “Strange Fruit,” which was a protest song against racist lynchings.

“We didn’t know because textbooks are designed to continue white supremacy, right? In schools and colleges. I didn’t know about [the women of] Hidden Figures because we weren’t supposed to know,” she said.

“Billie Holiday was a threat to a system of racial inequality. So we were only supposed to know her as a tragic addict who wasted her life on drugs, which could not be further from the truth.”

In the interview, Day makes the unverified claim that the largest publisher of textbooks is located in Texas. “So think about that agenda there alone,” she said, in an apparent attempt to conflate the state’s Republican base with white supremacy.

It remains unclear which publisher Day was referring to since none of the five largest educational publishers is headquartered in Texas. The Lone Star state is the largest market for academic textbooks, which gives the state’s board of education significant influence over publishers.

Andra Day also praised Stacey Abrams in the interview by comparing her to singer Billie Holiday.

“That is the same DNA. That is why they had to shut her up. You know what I mean? Because she is the DNA that is in Stacey Abrams,” Day said.

She added that new, GOP-led voter integrity laws “are a direct response to Stacey Abrams registering millions of voters. She just did the right thing.”


  1. Don’t these people u understand that they speak english ? They use english Dont they realize education is controlled from London by the Liveries ? Dont they realize London is the global financial centre ? Dont they realize what that means ? The texts arent written in Dutch or French or Swedish Wake up .

    • And BTW the biggest landowner of Earth is Englands Crown Lands ,and the most powerful.lehal instrument is Englands Crown Law,and the most supposedly prestigious sporting event us Englands Wimbledon and the leading education institution is supposedly Englands Oxford The worlds most Royal Family is depicted as Englands Firm ..The biggest Bank is the Bank of England that governs all others and ” America is OUR barracks ‘ said Sir Winston Churchill .Wake up .

  2. Andra Day is a racist, Labeling all white people supremist is racist. She is a black supremist, as are most American black people who believe the lies.

  3. White supremacy speaks for itself and needs no apologizes – evidence shows these pathetic creatures don’t measure up and have developed severe mental illness due to a mass awakening that “they never will” measure up – they can burn the house down and we sit here waiting for them to grow up and do something for themselves without being ‘enabled” but once again “they never will”- pathetic creatures

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