Tulsi Gabbard Drops Out Of Presidential Race And Endorses Joe Biden

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Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has ended her presidential campaign and endorsed Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden.

Gabbard, who has campaigned to end “forever wars,” cited the establishment favorite’s primary victories and the coronavirus as her reasons for backing the warmonger who championed for the Iraq war.

Press TV reports: In a video posted to Twitter on Thursday, Gabbard said, “I know Vice President Biden and his wife and am grateful to have called his son Beau, who also served in the National Guard, a friend.”

“Although I may not agree with the Vice President on every issue, I know that he has a good heart and is motivated by his love for our country and the American people,” she added.

Commenting on Gabbard’s surprising move, American political analyst and activist Myles Hoenig said, “It comes as a surprise that Tulsi Gabbard has ended her campaign and endorsed Biden, rather than Sanders, or at least remain neutral.”

“Gabbard was the only candidate left standing that ran on an anti-war platform while Joe Biden is one who would brag that ‘he is the guy’ that pushed every war we’ve been in. If Gabbard, who’s not running for re-election is thinking that this will give her a spot on a Biden cabinet she’s sorely mistaken as she is helping to guarantee Trump’s re-election,” he added.

“Gabbard’s history was that she left her senior role in the DNC when they were clearly rigging it against Sanders in 2016, for whom she endorsed. And now, knowing that they are continuing to rig this election for Biden, the DNC’s choice, and purposely preventing her from promoting her own campaign, only shows the character of Tulsi Gabbard. She is as much an opportunist as any of the other failed candidates who had no chance of winning,” he stated.

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