CNN: America Is Inherently Racist

Fact checked
CNN panel claims America in inherently racist and sexist

CNN stooped to new lows Wednesday evening after a senior legal analyst claimed that America is an inherently racist and sexist country.

During a segment discussing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Jeffrey Toobin suggested that the entire country was guilty of misogyny and racism. reports: “It’s always 1957 and he’s the head of the Rat Pack.” Toobin said, adding that as regards the charges of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh by four women, Trump “doesn’t buy any of it” and would tell women to just “deal with it.”

Toobin suggested that the lion’s share of GOP Senators will vote for Kavanaugh because “[t]hey are completely political cowards.”

Then he tarred the whole of America with the same brush.

“Can I make a suggestion? Maybe the base is much of the United States. Maybe this country is a lot more racist and sexist than we thought. Maybe a lot of people find this allegation preposterous.” Toobin said.

Blitzer chimed in with the allegation that Trump “suggested that people are going to be scared to accept appointments because they will go back to their high school years, their college years and look for dirt.”

Reporter Nia-Malika Henderson declared that Trump has “minimized” the allegations.

Of course, Toobin and the rest of the panel did not consider that maybe many Americans find the accusations preposterous because those doing the accusing are less than credible and have provided zero evidence to back their claims.