Macron: Brexit Will Be Reversed; France Will Never Leave the EU

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Macron warns protestors that Brexit will be cancelled and France will never leave the European Union

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned anti-globalist protestors that France will never leave the European Union and has predicted that Brexit will soon be reversed.

During a “People’s Debate” event, Macron directly addressed Yellow Vest protestors who said France should leave the EU.

Macron immediately claimed that the people of Britain are “starting to realize” that Brexit will never happen. reports: ‘People are starting to realise that all the figures they were given are entirely false, and what they were told could be done overnight in fact can’t be delivered,’ he told an audience last night.

‘And in the end it’s going to cost them. In this context do you think that the referendum was a good thing?

‘No, because it didn’t allow for an informed, transparent and calm debate.

‘It’s torn a society apart, and it’s left it open to disinformation coming from abroad, or terrible manipulation.’

Macron was talking at a ‘people’s debate’ in Bourg-de-Peage, south of Lyon. Some of the audience included Yellow Vest anti-government campaigners, who want France to follow Britain’s lead and leave the EU.

He told them to beware of people who ‘sell you dreams’ and ‘manipulate you with miracle ideas’.

‘Take the British,’ he said. ‘They voted for Brexit. There were people who, in good faith, were sometimes as angry as you are, and they said that the source of all their ills was Europe. It’s rubbish!’

He then went after Brexit poster campaigns that promised more money for the NHS and other public services.

‘There were lots of buses passing by reading that you were going to save something like £36 billion if you get out of Europe,’ he said.

‘And it will be done in 15 days, and then people voted. There were people who voted for Brexit, who did it in good faith, they were angry, and they thought their situation was impossible, because the system was unjust.’

Macron then whistled as he mocked David Cameron for resigning after losing the referendum.

‘The result is, it’s in fact been going on for two years now and those who promised a Brexit literally left within two weeks,’ he added. ‘They didn’t even want to govern!’


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