Harris: Assault Rifles Are ‘Weapons Of War’ ‘No Reason To Have Them On The Streets Of A Civil Society’

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Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris says that Congress needs to act fast in the wake of the recent mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder

In an interview with “CBS This Morning” Harris said, “It is time for Congress to act and stop with the false choices. This is not about getting rid of the Second Amendment. It’s simply about saying we need reasonable gun safety laws. There is no reason why we have assault weapons on the streets of a civil society. They are weapons of war. They are designed to kill a lot of people quickly.”

Breitbart reports: She continued, “Let us all agree that we need background checks. But the point here is Congress needs to act. And on the House side, they did. There are two bills which the president is prepared to sign, and so we need the Senate to act. And this is going to be about your viewers and all of us pleading to the reason, pleading to the hearts and minds of the people in the United States Senate to say enough with the partisanship, enough with the ideological perspective on this. Let’s just be practical and agree. People who will have been found to be a danger to themselves and others should not be able to purchase a gun.”

When asked about possible executive action, Harris said, “We should first expect the United States Congress to act. I’m not willing to give up on what we must do to appeal to the hearts and minds and the reason of the members of the United States Senate. I served in that body. I believe it has to be possible that people agree these slaughters have to stop. Again, reject the false choices, and stop pushing it for sure. Stop pushing the false choice that this means everybody’s trying to come after your guns. That is not what we’re talking about.”


  1. She cannot be talking about America, this is not a civil society, especially when communist can pull a coup and take over the government. Blacks are allowed to freely burn, loot, rob, kill, rape plus many more evils.

    • Yes because Soros funneled 18 BILLION dollars into the DNC and 108 NGOs to set them all up to take America society down and leave it defenseless against a foreign takeover by rule of Law And btw thanks to JPMorgan the world is communist thanks to the operation of the nature of money ,its creation, and ownership .They know .And bwcause of that he became in just a out 7 years richer and more powerful than the entire Rothschild extended family after 200 years of banking and marrying into wealthy families .He did it in about 7 years as a single person .They kerp it all hushed up a d fill you tube with the ” evil jews ” the Rothschilds stories so popular with the nazis . All a big lie .

    • After all, it was Harris and Biden who sat back and allowed 2 anti-American terrorist groups to destroy the civil society that had existed. Now, they’re after the only means of self-defense that the civil people in the society have.

  2. Traitors Criminals Corrupti9ns everywhere now And in the end times the lowest shall be the highest .The Bible .She knows perfectly well, as does EVERY politically educated person that the strongest defense against any invasion is a well armed citizenry .She knows exactly what’s going on and who is really behind the shootings a d what the I intentions are .She knows Shes a traitor a liar a deceiver Shes a democrat A fraud a Deceiver

  3. Shes one with The Eyes of the Devil .She is one of them And she has the gall and hypocrisy to leave the people defenseless against them Shes blood sisters of Namcy Its a movie on internet .Eyes of the devil The first one ever made was The eye if the devil It starred Sharon Tate and was directed by Roman .The truth about Sharon and the Manson family is out there ,but you have to really hunt otherwise you will their produced fabrications as their version of the truth fit for public consumption A big lie .

  4. According to the CDC, in 2019
    456 people were murdered by rifles;
    1,032 by handguns; and
    1,702 by knives.

    Democrats have no intention of solving any problems. They just want power and money.

  5. Well then Harris why do you not take the first step. Tell the Secret Service to get rid of the actual weapons of war that protect you and the demented one. Additionally, if semi automatic rifles are weapons of war, it might behoove you to learn a little history. Semi-automatic rifles and hand guns predate the adoption of semi-automatic rifles and pistols by the military by a number first commercially successful semi-automatic hand guns were introduced in the mid 1890’s; the military did not adopt the 45ACP until 1911. The first semi-automatic rifles in this country were introduced in 1908 or so; the military did not adopt the semi-automatic M-! Garand until the mid 1930’s. Moreover, we had little problems with mass shootings in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Of course, this was before the left started promoting the moral decay of the country; it also is a period where one could order a surplus M-1 carbine through the mail with no background check or any form to be filled out. It is not the toll, but the fool behind the tool , or in the case of the Boulder shooter, the failure of the government.

    • Jews are the head anti whites and the Nazi’s were right wing. Its funny for my whole life everyone knew that the Germans were right wing. The left turns on Israel and the NAZI’s become leftists overnight.

      The NSDAP (NAZI is a jew invented anti German slur) did not take guns away from Germans. They took them away from the non Germans the Wiemar jews had flooded into Germany. The USA should take guns away from Mestizo’s and blacks tomorrow.

      Hitler took over the NSDAP which was the German socialist party. After Hitler took the party it became socialist in name only. They were fighting communists calling them socialists is stupid.

      Abortion was a capitol crime in NSDAP Germany but was encouraged in Wiemar Germany.

      Jews were doing all the things on your Democrats list in Germany before the NSDAP took over so it seems they had reasons you agree with to dislike jews.

      All governments encourage people to worship them and always have. What do you think the Pledge of Allegiance is?

      Hitler was right and since the Hollowco$t is a lie it is not evil to say it.

  6. How would she know?

    The same pathetic talking point they’ve been using for decades.
    Exact sentence I’ve heard politicians say 100 times.

  7. It’s a pity she is safe from gun crime, as all of the mass shootings are committed by democraps.

  8. They exist to stop a tyrannical government. If the Communists want war, let’s give them what they want.

  9. they won’t be on the streets..unless they are needed in a time of war
    and you might cause that war

  10. “No Reason To Have Them On The Streets Of A Civil Society”

    With BLM & Antifa Pillaging, Looting & Burning Infrastructure to the Ground – While the Police Stand Down.!!!!!

  11. Non whites are weapons of war there is no excuse for having them in a civil society built by and for white people.

  12. The US already has a common sense gun law it’s called the Second Amendment.

    All gun control laws are illegal and SCOTUS’ ruling on its “reasonable limitations” is horseshit.

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