Male Bodied Trans Cyclist ‘Proud’ To Win ‘Grueling’ Women’s Race

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trans cyclist Austin Killips

A biological male cyclist has been bragging about winning yet another womens race.

His ‘victory’ has not surprsingly sparked outrage among women’s sports enthusiasts, with one sporting legend even branding it “a joke”.

Austin Killips ranked 1st during the North Carolina Belgian Waffle Race winning a $5,000 cash prize.

Footage soon emerged of the 27 year old trans competitor feeling proud about the ‘victory’. Kilips said: “It was just a grueling effort. I am just really proud to lay it out there and get the result”

InfoWars reports: Second placed Paige Onweller said during a post-race interview “Most of the day it was riding the top three women who were together, me, Flavia and Austin. But yeah, I just kind of couldn’t match, you know, Austin and some of the single track and the power … just not comparable.”

Onweller later shared a post to “address the numerous comments” that “A transgender athlete won the women’s overall, which has caused some controversy.”

The runner up stopped short of any “personal opinion,” but intimated that she supports a separate transgender category being created, noting “I think it’s most important to recognize that all athletes, no matter how they identify, should have a space to compete and race…I feel a separate category may be appropriate.”

The organisers of the race also addressed the win by Killips, commenting “We completely realize we have to create an official policy that addresses this important subject. We know we have to take this on ourselves with the hope others will follow suit.”

Women’s Tennis legend Martina Navratilova once again didn’t mince her words regarding the issue:
The multi-time grand slam winning champion previously took issue with Killips winning the Tour of the Gila bicycle race in New Mexico, at the time tweeting “women’s sports is NOT THE PLACE for trans identified male athletes.”

Olympic British distance runner Mara Yamauchi also weighed in, tweeting “Man explains how he won a women’s cycling race.”
British Olympic medal winning Swimmer Sharron Davies, who is deeply embedded in fighting for women’s rights in sports, also commented:
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