Senior Hezbollah Member Killed By Israeli Airstrike In Syria

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Israeli airstrike

A high ranking member of Hezbollah has been killed by an Israeli airstrike on a residential area near the Syrian capital city of Damascus.

Local media report that Samir Qantar was killed during the Israeli raid which targeted his home in the city of Jaramana located 10 kilometers from the capital in the Rif Dimashq governorate early on Sunday.

Press TV reports: Following the attack, Qantar’s brother wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday that his brother was a martyr without giving more details about his death.

“With pride we mourn the martyrdom of the leader Samir Qantar and we are honored to join families of martyrs,” Bassam Qantar said on his Facebook page.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement also confirmed on Sunday that an Israeli raid on a residential building in the district of Jaramana in Damascus has killed Qantar.

Samir Qantar
Samir Qantar

The Syrian government has issued a statement condemning the Israeli air raid, which killed Samir Qantar and a number of Syrian citizens.

Qantar was released from an Israeli prison during a prisoner swap between Hezbollah and Israel in 2008 after serving 29 years in detention.

The airstrike also left ten Syrian nationals dead, injuring a number of other civilians.

There was no immediate comment from Israel.

Israeli warplanes have hit targets inside Syria several times during the country’s conflict though it has rarely confirmed its involvement.

However, in the first public recognition of Israel’s military involvement in Syria, Benjamin Netanyahu did admit earlier this month that Israeli forces had been operating in its neighboring war-torn country.

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