“We Must Fight Crackpot Conspiracy Theories” Says NWO Stooge John McCain

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Senator John McCain has called for a fight against “crackpot conspiracy theories”, despite pushing one of those theories himself, the creation of a world government, or a New World Order.

“We have to fight against propaganda and crackpot conspiracy theories. We have to fight isolationism, protectionism and nativism. We have to defeat those who would worsen our divisions,” McCain said on Monday at the Brigade of Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

Aaron Kesel reports via Activist Post:

Despite this, McCain himself has been an adamant poster boy to fuel the fire toward one world government with constant references  to a New World Order.

Most notably earlier this year in March he claimed that the “New World Order was under enormous strain,” EU Observer reported.

This isn’t the first time that McCain remarked how proud he is of this mysterious New World Order.

In December of last year, McCain stated on Fox that “Russia was threatening the 70-year-old New World Order that was established after WW2” preaching that Russia had hacked the election and stating it as definitive fact. This was before investigators even announced a verdict in the probe. Along with sitting Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), both called for sanctions against Russia at the time.

Those claims have now been debunked by FBI Director James Comey, NSA Director James Clapper and others who have now openly proclaimed under oath that, “there was no evidence that Russia influenced the election and hacked election machines in anyway.”


McCain also directly pointed at U.S. President Donald Trump stating he was a “threat to the New World Order,” and that this New World Order must be preserved and maintained.

In a statement in 2008 he also urged for a new “Global Order of Peace,” calling for a new “global League of Democracies-one that would have NATO members at its core-dedicated to the defense and advancement of global democratic principles.”

McCain made his first pitch for a new international organization in 2007 before the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in Stanford, California.

“It could act where the UN fails to act, to relieve human suffering in places like Darfur,” McCain said. “This League of Democracies would not supplant the United Nations or other international organizations. It would complement them,” he explained.

The words “New World Order” have been repeatedly echoed through history by several politicians including the likes of Henry Kissinger, Jacob Rothschild and the now-deceased David Rockefeller.

The phrase was most notably heard by former President George H.W. Bush when he stated:

We have before us the opportunity to forge, for ourselves and for future generations, a New World Order. A world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, rules all nations. When we are successful–and we will be–we have a real chance at this New World Order. An order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping forces to fulfill the promise and vision of its founders. — George H.W. Bush, March 21, 1991

Then there is George Soros who wrote a book in 1993 called, Toward a New World Order: The Future of NATO.

McCain’s “Reform Institute” has also received funds from Soros. Was McCain promoting the Soros-sponsored effort called the “Democracy Coalition Project” all these years? Is that the New World Order?

So who pulls your strings McCain? Who is the puppet master behind this New World Order? And is it a coincidence that you sit as the head of the Armed Service Committee for the military industrial complex deciding how much funding they get for their continuous wars while peddling war mongering?

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